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Psycho Devilles

Submitted by gatorrock (05 March 2009)
The Psycho DeVilles, also known as Hot Rod Walt and the Psycho DeVilles was formed in Florida in 2002. Since then it has toured throughout the U.S. , and continues to do so. The band released a cd called "Psycho Cadillac" with 22 original songs in 2005. A live cd was recorded and released in late...

Rabiesquiff, The

Submitted by manzy (28 February 2009)
The Rabiesquiff was found in the beginning of 2006 by Zwiebel (from "Straight from the Bottle"), Bello ("The Bail Bombers" and "The Neutrons") and the animal Elmo (also is playing in the rockabilly band "The Reno Brothers"). Nowadays they play a cool mix of desperate rockabilly with a whiff of blues and it will blow you...

Ragtime Wranglers

Submitted by rockabilly_girl (08 April 2007)
Sietse, Joe and Mary Ann have been playing music together since the mid 1980ís. They recorded 2 songs for the Dutch compilation album "Holland Billy" with their band "The Greyhounds". In 1991 they formed "The Ranch Girls and the Drifting Texans". Early 1993 there was a major change in the line-up and they renamed the band...

Randy Rich And The Poor Boys

Submitted by kitti (25 July 2007)
Founder member and guitar player Randy lived and played in England and the USA before he reunited his German band Randy Rich & The Poor Boys. The trio originally formed in 1997, and he brought his line-up back together again in September 2003. The line-up is now better than ever! All of the...

Razorbacks, The

Submitted by razorbacks (12 February 2012)
Kenny Duda formed THE RAZORBACKS in 1983. His styles range from the "twanging" of Duane Eddy to the raw drive of Brian Setzer. The Success of the band has put them on stage with Carl Perkins, Bo Diddley, Fats Domino, Robert Gordon and the Stray Cats. THE RAZORBACKS may possibly be one of the U.S.A's...

Rechords, The

Submitted by rechords (24 November 2010)
The ReChords. Finding their roots! It could have been just another rockiní trio when we first got together back in Aug 2009, but this band soon started to take on a life of itís own. Initial inspiration was to include a drummer, albeit a basic setup with mostly brushes, but once rehearsal began and...

Red Hot

Submitted by kitti (08 August 2007)
Red Hot was founded in 1995. After a few rehersal sessions the guys had their first gig in Helsinki July 14th 1997, the venue was held the "biggest beer terrace" festival at the eastcenter mall. First recording session took place in June 6th & 7th 1998 in Helsinki. The sound engineer was Juha Jokiranta, the man...

Red Shots

Submitted by kitti (28 August 2007)
The Red Shots started out in 1988 with only two members, Hans (aka Reuben James) & Eddy, playing on the streets of Utrecht. In 1989 Koos & Rogier joined the band. The early music of the Red Shots was skiffle with rockabilly influences. The audience liked the way they played and soon the Red Shots became...

Redhot Trio, The

Submitted by rockabillykid18 (07 December 2010)
The RedHot Trio are a wild, exciting and interesting Neo Rockabilly/Rock N Roll band from Bristol/Swindon area. They are Jimmy Lee; Vocals Stand Up Drums, DD; Doghouse Bass and Vocals, Henry Evans; Guitar. The RedHot Trio have been playing since 2004. Performing in clubs and pubs all around England. These guys always...

Redline Rockets

Submitted by redlinerockets (06 October 2009)
The Redline Rockets are a Denver based four piece combo, comprised of rhythm and lead guitars, drums, and upright bass. They cover many great rockabilly classics by artists such as Gene Vincent, Charlie Feathers, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins, etc. with a large number of originals thrown in the mix. The four members of the...
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