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Barnstompers, The

Submitted by kitti (04 February 2008)
The Barnstompers is a versatile band who was formed in September 1991. The authentic music of The Barnstompers is based on the late forties and early fifties traditional American Country-Boogie, Western-Swing, Honky Tonk and Rockabilly. The excellent combination of musicianship and vocals makes The Barnstompers an exciting band. This "Swingbilly" band is definitely worthwhile seeing perform...

Be Bops, The

Submitted by kitti (02 December 2007)
It was in 1978 that Mario Matucci (Guitars) and Walter Tollis (Double Bass) had the idea of forming a band. Having rock 'n' roll as a common musical interest, they tried out several different projects before forming The Be Bops at the end of 1981. Dario Matucci, Mario's younger brother took up drumming. They were joined...

Ben Cooper

Submitted by sonormania (28 March 2009)
Ben Cooper is a singer songwriter/multi-instrumentalist that has been writing and releasing material since the 80's. The songs he has written have appeared on records that have had huge cult success. Some of these records are now considered classics. In 2008 Ben released his first solo album “Rockin” on Cherry Red Records receiving great...

Big Daddy & Rockin’ Combo

Submitted by kitti (08 June 2008)
The band formed in 1982, after some gigs they made a break.. In 2006 they reunited and started to play together again! In 2008 their first cd "My Cadillac Kid's" come out! And now they have been Rock 'n' Rollin' all over Europe! Big Daddy is self-educated Rock'n'Roll singer and has been around music scene since...

Big Sandy & His Fly-rite Boys

Submitted by kitti (25 January 2009)
Since forming in 1988, Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys have emerged as one of the world's most respected practitioners of American roots music, western swing, rockabilly, and traditional country—playing it like they invented it. "I think of us as just a rock and roll band, a rock and roll band that's letting the roots show,"...

Blue Flames

Submitted by rockabilly_girl (10 March 2007)
The Blueflames were formed in 1997 and quickly built up a reputation on the gigging circuit as a formidable outfit with a powerful sound. For anyone who has caught any of there live performances, they will know what The Blueflames are all about,for those who haven't read on & try & catch these guys real soon!!...

Bo Walton

Submitted by tabitha (04 January 2012)
Almost every weekend in the late 1950s, clubs and dance halls across the UK were packed with music lovers, watching, listening and dancing to a new phenomenon: Rock ’n’ Roll. Well, rock ’n’ roll is back – but with a modern twist – and singer/songwriter Bo Walton is soon to be at the forefront of...

Bobby Poe And The Poe Kats

Submitted by bobbypoejr (22 May 2011)
Bobby Poe and The Poe Kats - Rockabilly Hall of Famers from the 1950's - were one of the first interracial Rock and Roll groups. The Poe Kats featured legendary African American piano player Big Al Downing and renowned lead guitarist Vernon Sandusky. In 1956 when Bobby Poe started the band, Big Al and Vernon were...


Submitted by breathless (19 September 2009)
Breathless is a pure explosive Rockabilly band that combines Neo -Rockabilly and Teddy Boy sound with 50's originals and Doo-Wop. The group started playing at 2003 and after releasing their first two songs ("What To Do!" and "Out Of Your Door") in two compilation albums on July 2008 their debut album "FIRST TAKE" was released from...

Brenda Lee

Submitted by kitti (24 October 2009)
Brenda Lee was born Brenda Mae Tarpley in the charity ward of Grady Memorial Hospital, part of the Emory University Hospital complex, in Atlanta, Georgia, the second daughter of Rubin and Grace Tarpley. Her father, a carpenter and semi-professional baseball player was killed in a construction accident in 1953. In 1962, during a Jackie Wilson...
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