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Obscuritones, The

Submitted by theobscuritones (15 February 2011)
London Greaser-billy for Rock-a-Hulagans, cool cats & sassy kittens. Playing only the best Rockabilly and rockin' Country rarities from the fifties . . surf, spy and garage rock from the sixties . . . and wild originals from the hereafter. Their first double-A side 45, Angel eyes & Vapour Club Boogie, is due out in spring...

Omar And The Stringpoppers

Submitted by kitti (19 September 2007)
Omar Romero was born in Ensenada, Mexico, not very long ago. He has been playing guitar since he was 14. He formed his first band "The Screamin' Solo Flights" in August 1999. The band quickly gained a great reputation for their live shows and they toured most of the US until they decided to break up....
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