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Hannes And The Blue Vinyl Freaks

Submitted by hannes (14 March 2007)
This rockabilly/blues/country quintet from Berlin, Germany started in autumn 2005, but the five musicians met before and played previously in bands such as The Sundowners Berlin, Doc Thomas as well as Big Bad Shakin’. Their musical influences include the Rockabilly side of Carl Perkins and Elvis, the pure but rich country music of Hank...

Hi-faluters, The

Submitted by faluters (16 May 2009)
Howdy from the south.......of The Netherlands It all started way back in the early 1990's when we met at "Jan van Cep" - a local honky tonk bar. After a few beers and a few cheers we got serious and started to talk about music and found out we all had the same (bad) taste....

Hicksville Bombers

Submitted by rockabilly_kitten (05 February 2008)
Hicksville Bombers are a rockin' trio from Lincoln, England, who play rockabilly, rockin' blues country and rock'n'roll music in a wild and energetic 50's style.Since forming in 1992, they have released two EP’s and Five CD albums. They have played with a number of bands/musicians including rhythm and blues star Ruth Brown, Charlie Gracie, Lord...

High Noon

Submitted by kitti (27 July 2007)
High Noon formed in Austin, Texas in 1988 through a mutual love of Rockabilly music. They then proceeded to be named Austin's Best Rockabilly Band seven years in a row. During that time they released a multitude of 45s, 78s, CDs and even a 10" disc. They played not only throughout the United...

High-jacks, The

Submitted by dimman99 (04 August 2009)
The band was formed 2004 by Per-Erik Jonsson and Nina Jedevin. Starting as the back-up band for Wanda Jackson on her Swedish tour 2004. Per-Erik had up till then been the Rockabilly Queen's Swedish house "piano-man" for 20 years with different bands. The band itself has been supporting Wanda Jackson every time when she is coming'...

Highway 54

Submitted by highway54 (03 January 2009)
This rockin’ combo from The Netherlands started out as a Rock-a-Billy String Trio in 2002. They cut that year a demo-recording with 5 self written tunes on it. All tracks were selfpenned originals by the singer. After a while they decided to go on as a combo by adding a drummer to the band! Now it...

Hillbilly Preachers, The

Submitted by kitti (24 January 2009)
Now this is a brand new band! The reason for gaining this cats together is my hyperactivity! The love for the old music, recording, playing around, and hangin' with the great musicians was just too strong, and the self penned songs are accumulating in the head and trying to get out, so we did let them!...

Hitchers, The

Submitted by kitti (17 January 2009)
The Hitchers' have been playing their own style of punk rock'n'roll, much to the delight of audiences nationwide. Capturing the infectious buzz of punk rock with the fun and style of the 1950s rock 'n' roll years, and dispensing the results in short, melodic bursts of energy, they are arguably the most intriguing live act on...

Hollowbody Hellraisers

Submitted by hollowbodyhellraiser (30 June 2009)
Hollowbody Hellraisers is based out of Gainesville Florida and is assembled of four diverse musicians who have made their mark in various other bands before coming together to form this killer collaboration. Andrew has rocked in the band Empty Fifth which took Gainesville by storm being one the only rockabilly bands to form in this town....

Horton Brothers

Submitted by kitti (05 September 2007)
Bobby and Billy Horton were born and raised in Beaumont, Texas, but have called Austin home since 1996. The boys' brand of rockabilly/hillbilly bop has been influenced by the likes of Jimmy and Johnny, Rusty and Doug Kershaw, The York Brothers, The Everly Brothers, and the wealth of great stuff emanating from Owen Bradley's studio in...
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