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Southern & Rocking Music
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United Kingdom
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ROCKIN' LIFESTYLE 40s-60s Film, Americana, Burlesque, late-40s-early-60s Cars, Sci-Fi, JD, Collectables, Radio Shows, Books, Magazines, Pin Ups, Hot Rods & Kustom Kulture, Decor, Architecture, Tiki Scene & Culture, Furniture, Electricals, Low Brow/Comic/Psychotronic Art, Retro/Vintage & Alt-Custom Clothing... YOU Name It!
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SOUTHERN & ROCKIN' MUSIC Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Rock'n'Roll, Swing, (Ted) "Revival" Rock'n'Roll, Surf, Rhythm 'n' Blues, Garage 'n' Trash, Hillbilly, Doo Wop (acappella, RnB vocal etc), Western Swing, Hot Rod, Zydeco, Bluegrass, Cajun, Gospel & Sacred, Boogie Woogie, Neo 60s, Blues, Neo Rockabilly, Cowpunk/Countrybilly/Rustic, Skiffle, Western, Punkabilly, TexMex, Jive, Country, Lounge, Indo-Rock, Shag, Girl Group ("spector" etc), Alt- Country & Americana, Beat, Rautalanka, Swamp Pop, Country Rock, Spy & Western movie soundtrack, Exotica ... THERE IS NOTHING ELSE All Rockin' and southern Roots MUSIC ("Southern And Rocking Music"). All Nations, All Styles!
The magazine, Southern & Rocking Music, began in 1993 and soon became the World leader in terms of distribution, in its field. Covering all forms of "Rocking" and cool Southern Roots, with the emphasis on TODAY (rather than taking a solely historical perspective), it was quite a unique & unprecedented publication. The other thing that really set it apart was its international nature, with writers from several different countries covering their own national scenes with their own sections in the world's Number 1 publication. These unique factors saw our international distribution second-to-none. Naturally, our domestic UK was our best market, USA was 2nd, and Germany was our best European market. In the US and Japan we had unrivalled availability for a foreign "50s/60s/roots" type magazine, that saw S&R all over the place. In the late '90s, editor Marc Fenech left the UK and concentrated on the agency (which had started in the '80s) and event promotion around Europe. He now works on S&R and its associated organizations (4 record labels, agency, shop, event promotion etc.) equally in England, Holland & Scandinavia. ALL NATIONS, ALL STYLES S&R is naturally structured to hold the interest of all ages and levels of knowledge too. Importantly, while not everyone is into everything (WE ARE!), there's unrivalled content for everyone (written by authorities in those fields). A healthy by-product of all this is that S&R tunes many people into other related scenes & musics, broadening the Kustom lifestyle. For the 21st Century, Southern & Rocking Music has returned on a scale never before seen. We now have about 70 people on our team, including writers from 33 Nations covering 36 National Scenes EVERY ISSUE. We also cover about 30 related music styles, EVERY ISSUE. Tantamount to "3 mags. in 1", S&R remains unique. 101% PROOF LIFE! And increasing tenfold from next issue, will be our alternative and "lifestyle" coverage. Writers at the heart of the hot rod/kustom, burlesque, psychotronic film, pin-up, tattoo, Tiki, vintage & retro clothing scenes, industry, market & cultures. I've collected magazines for some 30 years, and I can honestly say there has never been a magazine so complete in the whole 60+ year history of "Rock'n'Roll". All styles, plus cool roots, and all associated themes, on an international scale, covered objectively, independently and without preference. Housed in about 80 pages and unfolding through circa 100,000 words! The publication itself is treble the scope of the original, and now publishes in 3 regional/language versions. The English-language 'flagship', the edition for Spain/Latin America & Portugal, and the Finnish edition. PEDIGREE! All our writers are hand-picked, and at the epicentre of what they cover! They run central websites for their scene, host radio shows, write books, play in leading bands and even run other domestic mags & 'zines. It's an A-Team of the right people in the right places... WORLDWIDE.
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