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Paul Woodmansey
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United Kingdom
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Anything that doesn't bore me. Which includes Rockabilly music, learning how to play the guitar and of course the double bass. I like the odd game of Ice Hockey but not too many at my age. I love my weeks away surfing. Oh yeah and the band.
Favourite bands and artists:
Rockabilly, Western Swing, Psycobilly, some Punk & Ska. A few of my favorite band at the moment are The Sugar Creek Trio. Gene Gambler And The Shufflers. Bill Fadden And The Rhythm Busters.
I started playing bass about 19 years ago I think. It was during the snakebite swilling days of Psychobilly. Eddy, who played for the Kilngonz at the time spent many an evening in the spare room of our flat teaching me how to smack the shit out of the doghouse bass. He is still playing now for Thee Exit Wounds. I played Psychobilly for a few years in a couple of band and what a great time I had. Maryann, my wife bought my first and only bass with her student grant while we were in Portsmouth. We spent many a drunken weekend walking the streets of London looking for gigs. Mostly we would end up in the Clubfoot and getting the late night mail train back to Pompey. Those were the days!!!!!! Once our first boy was born I guess that's when I whent back to the roots of Rock 'n' Roll and started playing Rockabilly music. I dabbled with trying to start up a band with my good friend Rocky but didn't have much luck. We auditioned a guy called Ian Speller as a drummer and it was through him that we became members of Rudy La Crioux And The All Stars. Ian Speller was a great influence to me and really opened my eyes to what music was out there to be played. I am still playing Slap Bass for Rudy La Crioux & the All Stars and have depped for a few of the other bands in the UK. Gene Gambler & The Shufflers, Bill Fadden, John Lewis, The Sugar Creek and Ruby-Ann from Portugal I also coach Ice Hockey in Swindon and am enjoying my life to the full. I am married to the most wonderful and understanding wife there could ever be and have two fantastic boys. Jack (7) and Charlie (13).
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