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Rockabilly Girl
Location (country):
United Kingdom
Location (city):
Music, reading, traveling
Favourite bands and artists:
Elvis, Stray Cats, Johnny Cash, Union Avenue, Brian Setzer and many many more
Personal photogallery:
Bands added by author:
Articles added by author:
Reviews added by author:
Rudy La Crioux And The All Stars - "Wild 'n' Pretty"
Barry Ryan - "And God Said: Let There Be Rockabilly"
Vince Ray & The Boneshakers - "Zombie Radio"
Lisa George & The Pedalos - "The Devil Said Shake"
Las Pistolas - "The Legend Begins"
Mojokings - "Got The Devil In Me"
Hillbilly Casino - "Three Step Windup"
Upsouth Twisters - "Upsouth Twisters"
Western Aces, The - "Introducing The Western Aces"
Jussi Syren Rockabilly Revival - "One Step Ahead Of Trouble"
Wild Goners - "Complete Recording Sessions"
Atomic Sunset - "Hot Rods & Pin Ups"
Chris Sprague - "Diesel Made For Two"
Hank's Jalopy Demons - "Going The Electric Chair"
Cathouse Thumpers - "Cathouse Thumpers"
Various Artists - "Cat'n Around Volume 4"
Trash Hombres - "Trash Hombres"
Brian Setzer Orchestra, The - "Wolfgang's Big Night Out"
Various Artists - "Wild Rockin' And Boppin"
Full Blown Cherry - "Rockabilly Tribute To The Ramones"
Hullabalues - "Rockin' The Blues With..."
Darrel Higham And The Enforcers - "A Monochrome Dream"
Various Artists - "Great British Rock 'n' Roll - As Good As It Gets"
Rebels Revenge / Foggy Mountain Rockers - "Revenge Of The Rockers"
The Firebirds - "Doo Wop Volume 1"
Dimaggio Bros. - "When I Hit My Stride"
Hillbilly Casino - "Sucker Punched"
Flatfoot Shakers - "Many Sides Of The..."
Various Artists - "Viva Las Vegas #10"
The Clothes, The Cars And The Music - "Dvd"
Garnet Hearts - "Life Behind Bars"
Legendary Kid Combo - "Booze, Bucks, Death & Chicks"
Flesh - "Resurrection"
Restless - "Rock 'n' Roll Train"
Fractured - "No Peace For The Wicked"
Robert Gordon & Chris Spedding - "It's Now Or Never"
Cherry Casino And The Gamblers - "Fat Mama's Daughter"
Johnny Law & The Pistol Packin' Daddies - "I'll Get It Right"
Round Up Boys - "Another Night Another Town"
Build 4 Speed - "Personal Jesus"
Grizzly Family - "Spirit Of The Mountains"
Jack Rabbit Slim - "Sleaze-a-billy"
Mystery Gang - "Jungle Fever"
Johnny Law & The Pistol Packin' Daddies - "Crazy Love"
Nicotyna - "Alrededor Del Mundo"
Bingo - "Back To The Future"
Jack Face & The Volcanos - "Born To Ramble"
Mister Twister - "Rockabilly, Form Of Life!"
Various Artists - "Rock 'n' Pop Meets Rock 'n' Roll"
Various Artists - "Modern & Cover Rock 'n' Roll"
Four Points Gang - "Rhythm & Booze"
Rebel Beat - "The Story Of L.a. Rockabilly Dvd"
Blue Rockin' - "Rockin' Boogie Trash"
Texabilly Rockets - "Bop Potion No.5"
Marty Robbins - "Rockin' Robbins"
Vincent Razorbacks - "Volume 13"
Jive Romeros - "Build Up"
Drugstore Cowboys - "Crash & Burn"
Danny B. Harvey - "Rockabilly Jazz"
Cathouse Creepers - "Fast Lane"
Cat Pack - "It Ain't What You Do"
Blue Flames - "Juke"
Big Heat - "Boogiemen"
Teddy Trigger & The Gatling Guns - "Teddy Trigger & The Gatling Guns"
Union Avenue - "Now Here's Union Avenue"
Young Savages - "Untamed"
Marauders - "The Marauders"
Crazy Rocket Surfers - "Storming The Moon"
Johnny Carlevale - "New England's Own Jump, Swing, Rhythm & Blues"
All Gator & His Real Hot Reptile Rockers - "Motorcycle Bound"
Omar Romero - "Hog Wild"
Trisonics - "Mystery Lady"
Trisonics - "Rock 'n' Roll Remedy"
Brian Setzer - "Rockabilly Riot : A Tribute To Sun Records"
Cari Lee & The Contenders - "Scorched"
Thee Flanders - "Erna P"
Calavera - "Resurrect The Dead"
Gangnails - "Gangnails"
Chuy & The Bobcats - "Losing My Mind"
Hot Rod Lincoln - "Runaway Girl"
Cousin Harley - "Hillbilly Madness"
Two Timin' Three - "Payin' The Price"
Wes Pudsey & His Sonic Aces - "My Baby Rocks Like Betty Page"
Root Bootleg Band - "A Taste Of Violence"
Hicksville Bombers - "Prettiest Girl In Town"
Jay Chance & The Chancellors - "Rock 'n' Roll Fever"
Michael Ubaldini - "Mystery Train Sessions"
Restless - "Do Your Thing"
Deadcats - "Feline 500"
Massacres - "Season Of The Scarecrow"
Voodoo Devils - "More!"
Ghoultown - "Bury Them Deep"
Go Katz - "Real Gone Katz"
Vincent Razorbacks - "Vincent Razorbacks"
13 Cats - "Live In Las Vegas"
Maria Vincent & The Millionaires - "She'll Be Gone"
Vince Ray - "Boneshaker Baby"
Crawdads - "Released"