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Jean-François Reby
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Millau (of viaduct fame!)
Rockabilly, of course!
Reading, movies, partying with friends. Spending times on Facebook looking for events flyers to add to my info page.
Former Ervin Travis' booker, now working with Chris Almoada
Favourite bands and artists:
Too many to lists!
50's pionneers (big names as well as lesser names). Modern Rockabilly bands such as High Noon, Jack Baymoore, Mad Men, Sureshots, Arsen Roulette,...
Born on june 21st, 1965, I discovered rock & Roll in 1976, when "Happy Days" was 1st released in France, but I definately stuck to this music when I was about 16, when meeting a Rockabilly crazy highschool mate.
I had started the "Rockin' Events" page on Myspace, where I collected as much Rockabilly gigs worlwide as possible (I'm looking for friends & bands to add!), as well as various things related to the 50's scene. When MS went horrible, I headed to Facebook. After some changes, my definite page is called Rockabilly Flyers.
Oh, by the way, my real name is Jean-François, but I'm known as Jeff.
Years ago, I worked with my long time friend Ervin Travis, as his booker. I'm now working with Chris Almoada (& The Broken Hearts)
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