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Location (country):
United States
Location (city):
scottsdale az 85257
Based out of Phoenix Arizona, the Curse are a spyghetto spycho band, with a strong Mexican/Spanish influence. That slappin' stand-up bass just picks you up, and carries you effortlessly, along these fine, non-stop rockin tunes. This is the sort
Curse are a spyghetto spycho band
Curse of the pink hearse was born in 1987 bass in phoenix AZ stared as desperet 50's & 60's buttshake,desperet rock & roll stile in the early 90’s Curse stared the new sound they call it spy-ghetto psycho is we took off the Billy part and we replace it with Spanish flamenco middle eastern guitar influents they have realise tree CD realize stay spicy my little ones,
Favourite bands and artists:
restles,stray cats, swamp ratz,curse of the pink hearse,the cramps.
The unforgettable world of Marco Polo, is the brain child responsible for one of the best modern cult classics, The Spy Who Came From The Ghetto. Marco polo has always been a head of his time producing, directing and acting in his films that convey the wild and primitive side of life. For cult movie lovers he is the under dog or as many international critics say he is the only dog, in this style of film making. As a director he continues to break all the rules of traditional film making by pushing his endless imagination to the limits. The rare and wild cinematic vision and the original stories have made Marco Polo Saldaña the next film maker of the underworld. Marco polo has been working as an international actor for the last 20 years and he understands what it takes to make a cult film. With the luck of the gods on his side his film noir agenda and naturalistic Cinéma vérité techniques illicit an appetite for eye candy for even the hardest to please of film critics. Marco Polo continues to project his unique cinematic vision by directing a series of extremely artistically rare & primitive films. For those real intense movie lovers in cliché world of disdainful films get ready to be amazed and say no to all those re-fried movies that put you to sleep or worse that make you want to slit your wrist, give up on anything that is interesting and join the
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