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An interview with Jack Cory of rockabilly band Rumble Club
Submitted by jeff_lowe (14 September 2009). Topic - Interviews
An interview with JACK CORAY of RUMBLE CLUB By Billy Bad Breaks Billy Bad Breaks. I have seen RUMBLE CLUB more times than I can remember and even now I struggle to define their sound as belonging to one genre or another. A mix of influences can either be great or...
Aron from Finland!
Submitted by joana (11 February 2009). Topic - Interviews
I met Aron for the first time over ten years ago and saw him on stage. Ever since I've liked his incredible voice and his way of doing things while performing. And he sings a lot of music which Elvis made famous, which is simply great! Certainly he sings also rock'n'roll from the 50's, pop rock,...
Artist and Singer. Interview with Marcel Bontempi
Submitted by kitti (20 May 2016). Topic - Interviews
Rockabilly Bash: Let's start from the beginning. You were born in Frankfurt and have both German and Catalan blood in you. Which one filled you with creativity? Marcel Bontempi: I guess very much, the craft and arts stuff come from my Catalan father - he was a sculptor, later changed to architect when he...
Danger*Cakes: Rock 'N' Roll with Curves!
Submitted by dangerdavid (28 May 2012). Topic - Interviews
Danger*Cakes is an impressive,all-female band from Austin,Texas. Their sound combines elements of pop-punk, rockabilly, 60's R&B, and retro-swing. To see all these ladies rockin' out is amazing! So I grabbed three of them for a quick interview! What do you play and how long have you been in the band?...
Dawn Shipley Ė Rockiní from Texas to LA
Submitted by catzy (21 March 2017). Topic - Interviews
I was introduced to Dawn Shipley first time by Little Rachel at Green Bay Rockiní Fest II at 2005. I remember her red hair and her laid back attitude. It seems to be a Texan thing, as I have liked all the female artists that come from there. Even when they are very feminine they...
Desperados European tour 2017
Submitted by catzy (06 July 2017). Topic - Interviews
Four men band Desperados is from Santa Ana, California. They are touring at the moment around the Europe. This several months tour started in May and ends in July 2017. At the tour, there is the soul of the band singer/rhythm guitarist Lou "Slim" Ferns and at the bass the backbone Andrew "Popeye" Iniguez - they...
Dutch - Russian Rockabilly Project. Intereview with R. J.
Submitted by kitti (06 December 2008). Topic - Interviews
Rockabilly Bash: R.J., who are you? RJ: My original name is Hans Nelemans. Iím a professional musician in Holland, where I play around 180 times a year with my acoustic duo. Since 1989 I have been making rockabilly music: first as a rhythm guitar player and than since the late 1990ís upright bass....
Eddie not crying
Submitted by catzy (29 April 2014). Topic - Interviews
I think I heard Eddie Clendening live first time at Green Bay Rockin' Fest 2006. Since then he has grown up to be top class guitarist and singer. I had pleasure to have a word with Eddie before his arrival to Europe next week at Atomic Vintage Festival in UK and put records straight with more...
Exclusive interview with James Kirkland
Submitted by kitti (02 January 2008). Topic - Interviews
Exclusive interview for Rockabilly Bash with bass player of Bob Luman and Ricky Nelson - James Kirkland. Rockabilly Bash. When and why did you start playing bass? JK. I tried playing fiddle, guitar, and mandolin and none of them seemed to be working out. The bass was just natural to...
Finn & The Sharks - an interview with Billy Roues
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (11 April 2007). Topic - Interviews
Finn & The Sharks is a New York roots/rockabilly band which has been playing American music since the late 70s during the great rockabilly revival. Their current sound is as great and powerful as it was then. Individually the band members have worked with music legends like B.B. King, Dave Edmunds, Sonny Burgess & DJ...
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