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Cruise Inn - oasis in rock'n'roll world
Submitted by kitti (15 February 2009). Topic - Lifestyle
When the idea of organising the 1st Rockabilly Bash occured to us, we didn’t have any single doubt about where to make it. Cruise Inn seemed to be a perfect place to all of us. Unfortunately it can house only around 300 people, but the place itself is fantastic. Not because of having a nice history...
Dream Retro for has moved
Submitted by blues99fine (06 July 2017). Topic - Lifestyle
Great news, Dream Retro has now moved to the sumptuous and beautiful Alfies Antique Market, Marylebone, in the heart of Central London. Retro and vintage enthusiasts need to know that there is somewhere in Central London that is open every week, somewhere that is easy to locate, and that is run by someone who has...
KIDS ‘N’ BILLIES FESTIVAL (NL) - family friendly rockabilly event.
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (13 June 2007). Topic - Lifestyle
Thank you to Stefan ( for preparing this article. ******************** About ten years ago Jef van Ingen got his first kid and became a proud parent. In the years following he experienced troubles visiting concerts and festivals. Every time he or his wife had to stay at home or they had to find a...
Levi's, where are you from?
Submitted by rockin_bird (01 March 2009). Topic - Lifestyle
Every rockabilly fan has at least a pair of Levi's denim jeans. No wonder that you go for popular shrink-to-fit 501s out of the huge assortiment, because it is James Dean style, because it IS the 50's. And it is American, isn't it? Oh, no, in fact it is not! Here is the true story. ...
Submitted by patbolton (18 June 2013). Topic - Lifestyle
PRISON BLUE JEANS Prison Blues. The original, authentic, prison-constructed blue jean brand. Manufactured by inmates at the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution in Pendleton, Oregon U.S.A. The Prison Blues© Story In 1989, The State of Oregon was challenged to create jobs for inmates at the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution. A review was conducted to decide...
Submitted by catzy (11 July 2011). Topic - Lifestyle
ARRIVING TO SAN ANTONIO AND SAM'S My first impression of Texas was from aeroplane window and it looked much greener than at the Movie Giant. Texans are more relaxed than west coast people and greet when meet regardless do they know you or not. When the sun got down the moist warm air changed...
Submitted by catzy (17 July 2011). Topic - Lifestyle
HOUSTON I returned to Texas when Houston started rockin' with the lead of Edgar Salazar, known also as Big E. Beside doing DJ gigs, he has arranged parties and weekenders like Rock Baby Rock It in Houston. They are held mainly at Continental Club. Yes, in Texas both Austin and Houston have Continental Club. Rock...
The story of rockabilly in Russia... how did it started?
Submitted by kitti (29 December 2008). Topic - Lifestyle
Looking through my archives I found a story written by a Russian rockabilly musician Kirill Prasalov. I asked myself: who else can describe rockabilly in Russian than a person, who belongs to this scene. This story was created in 2002, so a lot of things have changed since then. In fact, rock'n'roll life is...
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