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1st Rockabilly Bash in the Cruise Inn
Submitted by kitti (11 November 2009). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
I want to make a "special" feedback about the party. Let's call it - Rockabilly Bash through my eyes. A little less than a year ago the idea itself was born. The realisation of it was very exciting and interesting. It was our first festival, so we absolutely didn't know what was awaiting us...
20 years Rock'n'roll Street Terschelling
Submitted by kitti (08 February 2009). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Terschelling rínír festival exists 20 years, so that party could not be missed - bands playing on Midsland (town on a beautiful island of Holland), lots of rockiní people and very special atmosphere of late 50's and 60'sÖ it is certainly something you must see, not very typical event you used to be at. So...
3rd Annual Green Bay 50's Fest 2007
Submitted by rockitradio (09 June 2007). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
MIKE VINCENT REVIEW OF THE GREEN BAY 50'S FEST From: Rock-it Radio Newsletter June 8, 2007 A special thank you to Mike Vincent that send us this report on the Green Bay50's fest III that took place last month. First and Foremost, I would like to give Praise to Bob Timmers and...
8th High Rockabilly
Submitted by kimmo (09 December 2007). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
8th HIGH ROCKABILLY FESTIVAL IN CALAFELL When our plane landed to the Barcelona Airport on the sunny Wednesday morning, the hottest party on earth The 8th High Rockabilly was about to begin. After driving circa 60 km on a local bus to south-west from Barcelona, we arrived to Calafell, a beautiful little coach town in...
Aron on stage in Helsinki, 19.2.2009
Submitted by joana (24 February 2009). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
It was Thursday night and a bit hard for me to go to a music bar instead of going home as it was a workday and Iím sleepy in the evenings. But it was the night for introduction of Aronís upcoming cd, so I didnít want to miss it. Unfortunately I donít see Aron on stage...
Crazy Cavan and Matchbox Shows in Tallinn
Submitted by kitti (21 September 2007). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
First of all, I would like to say, that I am not a very big fan of Teddy boy's music, so I had two reasons for coming. The first one was to meet my friends and the second - it was interesting to see those famous bands and it was certainly better than staying home. So...
Cruise Inn 25th Anniversary Weekend
Submitted by kitti (07 December 2007). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
23rd and 24th of November were two nights when the Cruise Inn celebrated its birthday. The show must start at 8 pm but by the time we arrived there (around 9 pm) we found the long line waiting to get in. The lineup for Birthday parties was great, so it was the reason for so...
Drugstore Cowboys Meet The Madmen! in Lowton, UK
Submitted by Mike_The_Bopper (25 January 2007). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Keith Bridge our guest DJ for the evening kicked the night off with his vast collection of vinyl recordings. Yes, I said vinyl! Keith's one of the last DJ's in the country that plays authentic rockabilly in the authentic way. Track after track Keith seemed ever popular with the punters. In the wings Howard and Annushka...
Ervin Travis and The Virginians - Tribute to Gene Vincent, Southern Jivers RnR Club Chelmsford UK 22/3/2009
Submitted by rockinev (24 March 2009). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
This was quite a scoop for a small rock n roll club in Essex, England to secure a show from this renowed French Gene Vincent tribute artist on a Sunday afternoon. Lets just say that this was mothering sunday so the crowd was not as large as it could of been but still a...
Hemsby 43 - Johnny Powers & Blue Cats Rock!
Submitted by rockinev (11 October 2009). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Well it's Hemsby time again a place of almost pilgrimage for rock n roll fans. It never dissapoints. As I write this the majority of the fans are still there, some enjoying the afternoon riverboat trip others recovering from the wildest Saturday night I've seen in a rockin club for some time. Saturday afternoon...
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