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Paderbilly's - party gang from Germany
Submitted by kitti (01 December 2007). Topic - Interviews
An exclusive interview with Sky, one of the original members of Paderbilly's - the party gang from Paderborn, Germany. Rockabilly Bash. When did you start to listen to rock'n'roll? Who introduced you to this music? S. Nobody introduced me to Rock'n'roll music, it was part of my heart from my birth....
Interview with the organiser of the Rockin' Race Jamboree.
Submitted by kitti (28 October 2007). Topic - Interviews
Here Guille from Rockin' Race gives an exclusive interview to Rockabilly Bash. Rockabilly Bash. When and where did the first Rockin’ Race Jamboree happen? G-RR. The first festival took place in a small Irish pub called Pink Elephant, located in Torremolinos, in 1997. At the first festival there were only 3 bands...
Saints and Sinners - Rock 'n' Roll from Munich
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (14 October 2007). Topic - Interviews
An interview with Andreas Lettenthaler - vocalist and guitar player fabulous German trio Saints And Sinners... Really Rockabilly: Hello Andy, thank you for your time to answer to the questions. 'Saints and Sinners' what a great name, how did you come up with this one? Were there any other ideas how to...
The Mighty Four in Ravintolalaiva Waiski, Helsinki.
Submitted by kitti (30 September 2007). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
It was 22nd of September, 2007. A Rock'n'Roll festival, under the name 2500 Pounds of Heavenly Joy, took place at Ravintolalaiva Waiski, a three floor bar-restaurant, which is located on a boat. The first band was the Jolly Be Goode - a typical Finnish Rock'n'Roll band with a rough sound, which is not my favourite...
Crazy Cavan and Matchbox Shows in Tallinn
Submitted by kitti (21 September 2007). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
First of all, I would like to say, that I am not a very big fan of Teddy boy's music, so I had two reasons for coming. The first one was to meet my friends and the second - it was interesting to see those famous bands and it was certainly better than staying home. So...
The 11th Rockabilly Rave, 2007
Submitted by kitti (08 August 2007). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
It is so nice to look back again and remember how it was - my first time at The Rave. And it was better than I expected! It was about 11 pm when I arrived to the Pontins Holiday Centre and the partying had already started. The Barnstompers was the first band I...
Nicotyna, the Mexican Rockabilly band tell us about their trip to the USA...
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (01 July 2007). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
"Our band played a big rockabilly festival in May at The Knitting Factory, Hollywood, the US. It was well attended and real hot, because of weather. The festival started at 7 PM and was taking place on 3 different stages. We had a great response from the crowd when we got on...
Legendary Kid Combo on chicks, booze, bucks and death
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (20 June 2007). Topic - Interviews
5 distictive looking guys from Italy's finest wild west, country, hillbilly band 'Legendary Kid Combo'. The band just released their latest full length CD 'Booze Bucks Death & Chicks' and Really Rockabilly decided to contact and catch up with all the news. Really Rockabilly. Hi Mattia. Your latest CD is...
KIDS ‘N’ BILLIES FESTIVAL (NL) - family friendly rockabilly event.
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (13 June 2007). Topic - Lifestyle
Thank you to Stefan ( for preparing this article. ******************** About ten years ago Jef van Ingen got his first kid and became a proud parent. In the years following he experienced troubles visiting concerts and festivals. Every time he or his wife had to stay at home or they had to find a...
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