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Rockíníroll Night with The Matchbox and The BopCats
Submitted by joana (20 January 2009). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
On Saturday night, November 15th, I was waiting for a bus in Helsinki centre with other rockíníroll/rockabilly fans. We were heading Hyrylš, which is a population centre rather near to Helsinki. There at a bar called Crazy Kaiffari was a party that I had been looking for. Tickets were sold out, so during evening it was...
 Slap bass lessons - Lesson 1
Submitted by kitti (17 January 2009). Topic - Online Lessons
Sean Mencher's Interview, made after the Goofin Records 20th Anniversary Party in Helsinki, 2004
Submitted by mr_key_pee (09 January 2009). Topic - Interviews
It's sad to notice Sean Mencher, the guitar player of the legendary High Noon, is still not a one of the great rock guitar heroes like Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore or Eric Clapton. But it's only due to the fact the time of great rock musicians and guitar heroes has gone. In other case Sean without...
High Rockabilly 2008
Submitted by dutch (02 January 2009). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
High Rockabilly 2008. Last summer I went for the third time to High Rockabilly in Calafell, Spain. I liked the atmosphere of sun, beach and a lot of rockabilly music. The festival started on Wednesday 10th of September. Following review is my personal insight in how I experienced the festival. It doesnít say anything about...
The story of rockabilly in Russia... how did it started?
Submitted by kitti (29 December 2008). Topic - Lifestyle
Looking through my archives I found a story written by a Russian rockabilly musician Kirill Prasalov. I asked myself: who else can describe rockabilly in Russian than a person, who belongs to this scene. This story was created in 2002, so a lot of things have changed since then. In fact, rock'n'roll life is...
Let There Be Rockabilly! Barry Ryan talks about his solo album.
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (08 December 2008). Topic - Interviews
Barry Ryan is best known as the guitar of The Rockats and Robert Gordon's band. Blues Leaf Records just released his first solo album 'Let There Be Rockabilly' which we reviewed recently. Hi Barry. Thank you for sharing your time and thoughts with us. Really Rockabilly: I would...
Dutch - Russian Rockabilly Project. Intereview with R. J.
Submitted by kitti (06 December 2008). Topic - Interviews
Rockabilly Bash: R.J., who are you? RJ: My original name is Hans Nelemans. Iím a professional musician in Holland, where I play around 180 times a year with my acoustic duo. Since 1989 I have been making rockabilly music: first as a rhythm guitar player and than since the late 1990ís upright bass....
Interview with DJ Rudy
Submitted by kitti (30 November 2008). Topic - Interviews
Rockabilly Bash: How long are you in rockíníroll scene? Rudy: More than 20 years already, since 1986. RB: When and how did your DJ-ing career start? Rudy: I started DJ-ing at the age of 25 in local Belgium clubs and bars but not on a regular basis. ...
Hemsby Rock n Roll Weekend on a day pass!
Submitted by rockinev (14 October 2008). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Let's just start by saying that with family and finances the way they are you can't afford to do the weekenders that you want to. However, one of my all time favourites was going to be appearing at Hemsby 41, so the question I asked myself was ' Is it worth the trip to go to...
Stray Cats - Brixton Acadamy - London 10/09/2009
Submitted by rockinev (11 September 2008). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Welcome Home! The heros of modern rockabilly were given a huge ovation that even Brian admitted moved him, a triumphant return to the city that welcomed them and their brand of rockin all those years ago. Rumble In Brighton, Double Talkin Baby kicked the show off, but then early in the set there were...
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