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The Fabulous Ottomans from Spain
Submitted by joana (15 May 2009). Topic - Interviews
This interesting band with a multifaceted bckground comes from Barcelona. I haven't seen them yet on stage, but I hope it's possible some day. Enjoy! RB: First of all, please, tell me, who you are and where are you from? FO: We are six guys from Barcelona who have played in...
The frontman of Flatfoot Shakers, Kieron McDonald, is calling...
Submitted by kitti (01 September 2009). Topic - Interviews
RockabillyBash. How did you discover Rockabilly? Kieron McDonald. My Dad used to listen to a lot of old country hillbilly records like Hank Snow and Hank Williams when I was growing up, and he would let me stay up late on the weekends to listen to his records, (my job was to...
The Lucky Bullets
Submitted by catzy (28 May 2012). Topic - Interviews
This amazing interview was done with Tank, the lead singer and guitarist from Lucky Bullets right after their gig in Finland. Very seldom you can get out from anyone such honest and inspiring text. If you have change to catch these guys at Rockabilly Rave or any other place I highly recommend to do it. It...
The Tonemasters (GB)
Submitted by joana (27 January 2009). Topic - Interviews
The Tonemasters is a great band from Bristol, England. I knew one of the guys already while he was playing in his previous band, but The Tonemasters I met for the first time in summer 2008 at Valga cruising, southern Estonia. Rockabilly Bash: First of all, please, tell me, who you are and...
The Witch & Silvertooth Loos
Submitted by catzy (03 November 2014). Topic - Interviews
So purrrfect for Halloween that I got brilliant interview from Michelle aka Witch. Read how the swamp sound began and how the Witch became reality. Sometimes the truth is more stranger than fiction! They have Swamp Stompin EP out and there is more to come... How did you and Almon meet eachother? Almon and I...
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