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Kasey Chamber and Shane Nicholson
Submitted by kitti (18 August 2009). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Article is published by Tokyo Rosenthal I don't go out to hear music very often. Either I'm playing somewhere or I just don't have the patience to watch others play. It frustrates me to just watch and listen. I need to play. Even when I listen to the radio or a...
Valga Cruisin' 2009
Submitted by dutch (03 August 2009). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Once a year in summertime Jari Kuivanen from Dixieland in Estonia, organises the Valga Cruising Festival. People from Finland, Estonia and Latvia are bringing their "old" cars in for the Saturday cruise. According to Estonian rockabillies this is the Estonian rockabilly event of the year! This year Jari invited following bands The...
Jerry Chatabox talks about Rockabilly Rave,,, and just rockabillly
Submitted by kitti (20 July 2009). Topic - Interviews
Rockabilly Bash. When did you first realise that such kind of music as rockabilly exists? Jerry Chatabox. When I was 14 years old. I heard Donít Be Cruel on the radio, and thought it sounded like it was recorded in someoneís bathroom... it had a very raw sound compared to the pop music...
The best LA rockabilly singer, miss Abbeygate, opens up about...
Submitted by kitti (25 June 2009). Topic - Interviews
Rockabilly Bash: I have some reasons of interviewing you. First of all you were named the best rockabilly singer in LA, but not everyone seems to know your name. Another big reason is that you are coming to Europe this year for quite a long tour. Those two facts are correct, right? Karling...
Imelda May - Colchester Arts Centre - 2 June 2009
Submitted by rockinev (05 June 2009). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Imelda May for those of you who have not heard of her yet is a Dublin born songstress who manages to mix just about every Ď50ís genre into her repertoire from sultry jazz to all out rockabilly, her most recent album Love Tattoo has been a big success over here and following performances on national TV...
Hemsby Rock n Roll Weekender No 42
Submitted by rockinev (19 May 2009). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Well here I am again, having posted a review of my first experience of going to this event for only a day, I have just done it again. Last Saturday 16 May 2009 I made the two hour drive up the A12 (a rather infamous road in this part of the country) to go...
The Fabulous Ottomans from Spain
Submitted by joana (15 May 2009). Topic - Interviews
This interesting band with a multifaceted bckground comes from Barcelona. I haven't seen them yet on stage, but I hope it's possible some day. Enjoy! RB: First of all, please, tell me, who you are and where are you from? FO: We are six guys from Barcelona who have played in...
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