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Mississippi Queen - Live from Pula (19.05.2012)
Submitted by juanes (11 June 2012). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Mississippi Queen, first rockabilly bend in Croatia was a headliner of Harley Davidson party in Pula 19.5.2012 which was organised by Twin Horn MC Croatia. Here is video of almost full gig in Pula.
It was truly amazing!!!...
Danger*Cakes: Rock 'N' Roll with Curves!
Submitted by dangerdavid (28 May 2012). Topic - Interviews
Danger*Cakes is an impressive,all-female band from Austin,Texas. Their sound combines elements of pop-punk, rockabilly, 60's R&B, and retro-swing. To see all these ladies rockin' out is amazing! So I grabbed three of them for a quick interview! What do you play and how long have you been in the band?...
The Lucky Bullets
Submitted by catzy (28 May 2012). Topic - Interviews
This amazing interview was done with Tank, the lead singer and guitarist from Lucky Bullets right after their gig in Finland. Very seldom you can get out from anyone such honest and inspiring text. If you have change to catch these guys at Rockabilly Rave or any other place I highly recommend to do it. It...
Omar Romero by Jeff Gerow
Submitted by catzy (23 May 2012). Topic - Interviews
I often hear, but seldom get to read about Omar Romero and wanted to hear how the Stringpoppers are doing now. I know that The Stringpoppers are now: Omar Romero at rhythm guitar and vocals, Jeff Gerow at drums, Santiago Bermudes at solo guitar(Chuy & The Bobcats) and Andrew Iniguez at Bass (Desperados) Beside the...
 Brain setzer chord
Submitted by bigboss (08 January 2012). Topic - Online Lessons
Submitted by catzy (17 July 2011). Topic - Lifestyle
HOUSTON I returned to Texas when Houston started rockin' with the lead of Edgar Salazar, known also as Big E. Beside doing DJ gigs, he has arranged parties and weekenders like Rock Baby Rock It in Houston. They are held mainly at Continental Club. Yes, in Texas both Austin and Houston have Continental Club. Rock...
Submitted by catzy (11 July 2011). Topic - Lifestyle
ARRIVING TO SAN ANTONIO AND SAM'S My first impression of Texas was from aeroplane window and it looked much greener than at the Movie Giant. Texans are more relaxed than west coast people and greet when meet regardless do they know you or not. When the sun got down the moist warm air changed...
Rockabilly Rave 15
Submitted by rockinev (30 June 2011). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
The Rockabilly Rave, itís that time of year again when over 3000 rockabillies from all corners of the world make their way to the very little seaside resort of Camber Sands in East Sussex England. Here you find what is an innocent looking family holiday park, but for one weekend a year it becomes Rockabilly Land...
Jerry Spathis Rocked The House in Hazlet
Submitted by sword1962 (09 January 2011). Topic - Gig Feedbacks
The Holiday Inn in Hazlet will never be the same. After an electifying 1st of two shows for the night, Jerry brought up his rockabilly band and played a small tribute to rock legend Ricky Nelson. The place went crazy as women got up to dance their stuff in front of the stage!! Jerry...
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