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Interview with DJ Rudy
Date of Publication -30 November 2008
Topic - Interviews
Author of the article: kitti
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Rockabilly Bash: How long are you in rock’n’roll scene?

Rudy: More than 20 years already, since 1986.

RB: When and how did your DJ-ing career start?

Rudy: I started DJ-ing at the age of 25 in local Belgium clubs and bars but not on a regular basis.

RB: Which was the most memorable event you ever played at and why?

Rudy: It was the first time I played records at the Rockabilly Rave and that was for me a recognition.

RB: What is for you to be a DJ: hobby or work?

Rudy: For sure a hobby.

RB: How do you choose music to play: the certain list or just following crowd’s mood?

Rudy: I always follow the crowd’s mood, never prepare a DJ set.

RB: If you have one song to choose to make people dance, what it gonna be: music for bopping, stroll or just rock’n’roll dance?

Rudy: If people are in the mood to dance, you can play any kind of rocking tunes. It also depends which kind of people you have in the room!

RB: What do you like better: 50s stuff or modern bands?

Rudy: Definitely 50s stuff but I also support the rocking bands of today, so I play in every set some new bands as well.

RB: Will you mention some your favourites?

Rudy: Sun rockabilly recording artists, Benny Joy, Ronnie Dawson... really too much to mention. New bands that I like are Omar and the Stringpoppers, Luis and the Wildfires.

RB: If you on festival just as a visitor and there is a very good band playing and at the same time your favourite DJ spinning records, what would you choose?

Rudy: Sure go to my favourite DJ and go wild!!!

RB: What do you think about old rock’n’roll stars playing on nowadays festivals? Don’t you think that most of the shows you can describe more like “sad and pity” than brilliant?

Rudy: I have all the respect for the old artists because they gave us the music we all love. But for me personaly It’s not necessary to book them on festivals.

RB: Name your top 5 festivals.

Rudy: My top five festivals would be:

1.Rockabilly Rave UK
2. High Rockabilly Spain
3. Rockin Around Turnhout Belgium
4. Lets get wild, Germany
5. Get Rhythm, Italy

RB: What is the most important for you at festival? From your professional, but also “usual person” look?

Rudy: For me the most important things on a festival are friends, cold beer and lots of good music. For my professional look - good equipment and people in the mood for dancing.

RB: How big a collection of music do you have?

Rudy: I never count them but never enough!

RB: CDs of Vinyl? And why?

Rudy: I prefer Vinyl because it’s more original and makes more fun to work with but in some case you have to play CD’s. Most new bands make their recordings on CDs

RB: Where do you prefer to do your “records shopping”: Internet, market or just usual music shops?

Rudy: I buy most of my records at Keep on Rockin, the best shop for rock'n'roll records in Belgium, Collector Records in Antwerp is and of course on ebay.

RB: Can you name the best DJ in your opinion? And why is he/she the best?

Rudy: I like so many: Cosmic Keith, Tall Mark because they play always rare records I never heard before, also like DJ Danny from Spain, Little Carl, Mouse, Go from Japan and Lucky Shooter from Germany.

RB: What quality you should have to be a good dj?

Rudy: There are so many good rock'n'roll records but there are not all good for dancing. So a good DJ has to recognise a good dance record rather it is a bopper, jiver or stroller and don’t mix the style after every song.

RB: What can you say about rock’n’roll scene in Belgium?

Rudy: We have a good healthy scene in Belgium, there is every weekend something going on. Mostly around Turnhout and Antwerp. We have also good quality bands like Seatsniffers, The Baboons, Moonshine Reunion, Slipmates and many others.

RB: Have you ever had the idea to start a band?

Rudy: I never had the idea to put on a band but I play sometimes bass for fun.

RB: If you were having a band what kind of music (can you specify) you would play and what instrument you would choose?

Rudy: I would play authentic rockabilly with an early sixties flavour and I would play the bass.

RB: What are your professional plans for the future? Any dreams to fulfill?

Rudy: To buy as much records as possible and to DJ in the USA.

RB: Thanks for interview!

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10 February 2009
Comment by rockin_bird

Boring interview! I guess I could give the same answers just only pretending to be a dj.


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