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Articles » Whistle Bait at Urho Kaleva Kekkonen in Tallinn

Whistle Bait at Urho Kaleva Kekkonen in Tallinn
Date of Publication -04 December 2007
Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Author of the article: kitti
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The show of Finnish band Whistle Bait took place on a Saturday night in a small restaurant, called by the name of the first president of Finland – Urho Kaleva Kekkonen. It is a very cozy place with some tables by its sides, stage with a huge portrait of the president in the middle of the wall (that gives the feeling of one more band member, standing there) and dance floor. By the time I got in all the tables were occupied and all my friends made a nice line before the bar and just opposite the stage. So I joined that happy “crowd” and it was just time for the party to start. I like Whistle Bait very much for some reasons. First of all of them are great guys and talented musicians (well, they sing very well too). Then they give you so much energy, that you will be longing to see them again. And also what makes them so special is their acting. If you go to their show, you won’t see only band playing, but it gonna be a real performance – everyone of the band members plays it own role and together they make a story of many chapters. Every song has its special meaning not only in words, but in moves of ”actors”. Vesa’s voice is superb, but without back vocals it would not be Whistle Bait. Guys have been making a great job turning every cover they play to their own (In fact I love most of the songs in Whistle Baits performance much more than how they sound in original), and sure their own songs (composed by Vesa Haaja) are full of sense and fit perfectly their style. That night they played only about one hour, a lot of songs of Elvis Presley (kind of rehearsal before Elvis tribute, which was at Rock Cafe in Tallinn the next day) and Larry Williams, but also Clyde McPhatter, Continental Cousins, Don Covay, Paul Anka and many others.

In the middle of the show to make public to dance, was performed “You Never Can’t Tell”, which always works very well. So while the song was playing you could see some moving on the dance floor as well. Unfortunately for the band - (I was glad by that, because I was making a video and for me the less people - the better) everyone went back to their tables. But one more thing what I like about Whistle Bait, they really don’t make much notice how much people come to listen to them, they just play, and play as good as they can.

Whistle Bait finished their one and only set for Friday night with some of the songs they have been performing for ages (and which are, by the way, my favorites) such as Justine and So Long Baby Goodbye.

It was a magical evening which left many good memories.

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