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Articles » Paderbilly's - party gang from Germany

Paderbilly's - party gang from Germany
Date of Publication -01 December 2007
Topic - Interviews
Author of the article: kitti
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An exclusive interview with Sky, one of the original members of Paderbilly's - the party gang from Paderborn, Germany.

Rockabilly Bash. When did you start to listen to rock'n'roll? Who introduced you to this music?

S. Nobody introduced me to Rock'n'roll music, it was part of my heart from my birth. The first deep impression was "Aloha From Hawaii" broadcast live when I was eight years young.

RB. What year did you start your party gang?

S. There is no fixed date, it has developed over the years, but it must be around autumn 2004 when the idea of Paderbilly's appeared.

RB. What is the main idea of it? Just hanging out and having fun?

S. The main idea is to show everybody that there are people who like this music, and also it's way of life in our hometown. Hanging out for fun was a matter of fact since our youth.

RB. How many members do you have?

S. We don't see ourselves as a gang. One can say we're five main people (four of them from Paderborn) and many others who wear patches or shirts of the Paderbilly's, not only in Germany. There are also some "side projects" as we have "paderbella", "paderjivers" and "paderzicken" (special behavior that mostly girls have).

RB. How long have you, the main members, known each other?

S. My brother and me know each other from birth onward (laugh). Seriously, we know each other for more than 30 years.

RB. What was the first party you went under the name of Paderbilly's?

S. I can't really remember.

RB. For me it is strange to see that someone can enjoy all the styles from jive to psychobilly. They are totally different not only as music, but also dance, clothes, even the feeling of it. Do you really have no particular style which is more close to your heart and soul?

S. Ha ha, of course I have. Rockabilly (original to Neo) is that Rock'n'roll style for me. But as you mentioned I do like also Jive, Doo Wop, Rock'n'roll, Psycho and a bit of Country. I prefer to wear jeans, leatherjacket and biker boots but sometimes it's also very nice to wear a suit.

RB. Let's say, if you could make a choice to be at a Psychobilly, Hillbilly or Teddy Boy Party (which are going on at the same time), what would you prefer?

S. It depends of the bands that are announced, but usually I would prefer the Teddy Boy Party.

RB. How you will describe Rockabilly Music? What is it in your opinion?

S. Rockabilly music's got a beat that touches your heart and soul, and, sure, a pleasure for your ears (most songs) too. And Rockabilly music and its lifestyle are the coolest things in the World.

RB. Do you consider yourself being rebels?

S. Of course not. There are many bad things in the World, but with your taste in music and style you can't kick off changes in these things. Otherwise it's a good thing to let the people know you live YOUR way and not the way people want you to do.

RB. What does it mean for you to be a real rock'n'roller?

S. Being myself!

RB. What is your look at wearing "right" cloths for certain style? How important it should be if you like the music?

S. Obviously Rock'n'Rollers have their special style of hairdo's and clothing. It's a good feeling to hang around with people who looks similar to you, as it's an advantage if you be a stranger at other places. But it must be always your choice how you like to look. Wouldn't it be tremendously if someone ever looses the opportunity to make his own choice?

RB. Would you like your children to be part of your gang one day?

S. They must choose for themselves whatever they want to do in their life. If they ever want to be with me on a party they are welcome.

RB. So do you have to live in Paderborn and like rock'n'roll to be one of Paderbilly's?

S. No, as I mentioned before many people living apart of Paderborn also wear patches or shirts of Paderbilly's. Much more important terms one should like Rock'n'Roll and must be a friend of ours.

RB. How big is the rockin' scene in Paderborn?

S. Just as big as in many other cities, there is only a small rocking scene in Paderborn. I would estimate there are around 30 people, but the Paderbilly's are the people who live it.

RB. Do you have any favorite bands you would like to see as often as possible?

S. There are too many brilliant bands around the circuit, and new good bands come and go. If friends of mine play in a band, like El Rio Trio or Foggy Mountain Rockers I would like to see the bands as often as possible because of my friends.

RB. Have you ever thought to organize kind of Paderbilly's festivals and invite the bands you like?

S. It's not a new idea, only a matter of time. Otherwise it's not easy because we all also wanna have a party, not only doing a hard job (laugh). Some time ago friends of mine and me organized events around Bielefeld.

RB. In Cruise Inn I have seen the name of Paderbilly's for the first time, but I haven't been to there three years or so before its Anniversary and I don't go to Germany that much. Does it mean you don't go to the big festivals such as High Rockabilly, Rockabilly Rave, Screaming Festival, Rockin' Race Jamboree and many others or you are just "invisible" there?

S. We never have never been to any of the big events except Walldorf Weekender, just because we're short of time (because of family, work, relationships, friends) and most of our money goes for all the events around our hometown. The distance we usually drive for events is around 100 to 450 km. But there are several very interesting events we often think we should go there.

RB. As the frequent visitors of German and Dutch rockin' parties, can you see the difference between rock'n'roll scene in Germany and the Netherlands? I mean its public, bands, the music.

S. Maybe yes, maybe no, I don't know. We all like to have one or more drinks, looking for joy and have fun, so I think it doesn't matter wherever you come from.

RB. Thanks and see you around!

S. Thank you a lot for having the idea of this interview! Hope to see you again soon!

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