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Articles » Saints and Sinners - Rock 'n' Roll from Munich

Saints and Sinners - Rock 'n' Roll from Munich
Date of Publication -14 October 2007
Topic - Interviews
Author of the article: rockabilly_girl
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An interview with Andreas Lettenthaler - vocalist and guitar player fabulous German trio Saints And Sinners...

Really Rockabilly: Hello Andy, thank you for your time to answer to the questions.
'Saints and Sinners' what a great name, how did you come up with this one? Were there any other ideas how to name the band?

Andy - S&S: We urgently needed a name for one of our first gigs and didn't really have any good ideas, so we decided to look over our records. We found the song “Saints & Sinners” on a Long Tall Texans record and we thought that it would describe us very well, and besides that, it sounds good. That’s it. There were other ideas how to name the band, but I won’t tell you, they were really stupid!

RR: The band was formed in the 2000. Do all of you have a musical past playing in bands, or just big fans of Rock'n'Roll who got together to play some Rockabilly and see what will come out of it?

Andy - S&S: Our first drummer and our bass-player had played together in a Psychobilly band before “Saints & Sinners”. Our current drummer has been playing in many Rock'n'Roll, Hillbilly, Bluegrass and Blues bands throughout the past ten years. Our sax-player has been playing in a swing/ska band for a few years. I have been playing different kinds of music for many years. I had always wanted to play Rock'n'Roll and finally found the right people for it.

RR: That's cool stuff!
Your first CD 'Welcome to the world of Saints and Sinners' came out in 2002. Is it still available?

Andy - S&S: Actually, it was more more or less a demo-CD. There were ten songs on it. All of them were re-recorded for “Bad Luck”. But people who know us well often say that the old versions are better. I think we only have a few left.

RR: The sound of the band has changed through the years, but still the bluesy, dirty rockabilly with amazing vocals are the main trademark sound of 'Saints & Sinners'. Do you work on the sound a lot?

Andy - S&S: Yes, I think sound is an important aspect – live and on record. For example, in my opinion drums should sound natural and not like an artificial instrument as they sometimes do.

RR: Nowadays no rockabilly DJ plays his stroll set without your brilliant version of 'Personal Jesus'. The latest album 'Sin & Redemption' features another very unusual remake of 'You Spin Me Round' by Dead Ar Alive. Are you trying to see how far you can push the barriers of rockabilly? Do you want/like to shock your audience?

Andy - S&S: I think that's a funny question! It's not our intention to shock anybody. On the other hand we don't really care if anybody is shocked. I think it's sad that there are obviously people who can be “shocked” by a song like “You Spin Me Round”. People shouldn't take everything too seriously! We don't see ourselves as a Rockabilly Band – we just want to make music and try to be as open-minded as we can. And there are lots of different kinds of great music. Rockabilly is only one kind of music - among many others – that influenced us. We like Rhythm'n'Blues a lot, Swing, Country, Bluegrass, Ska; James Brown, Norah Jones, Tom Waits, Stevie Ray Vaughan and also bands like Red Hot Chilli Peppers, U2 and even Metallica.

RR: What are the nearest musical plans for the bands?

Andy - S&S: First of all, we plan to get unbelievably rich! No, seriously: We'll try to work on a new CD for 2008. Probably we won't make it before 2037, but we'll try.

RR: Once more thank you from everybody here at Rockabilly Bash site.

Andy - S&S: Thank you and stay open-minded!

Saints And Sinners latest album 'Sin & Redemption' is just out on Bad Land
Records and available from all good rockin' shops!

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