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Articles » The Mighty Four in Ravintolalaiva Waiski, Helsinki.

The Mighty Four in Ravintolalaiva Waiski, Helsinki.
Date of Publication -30 September 2007
Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Author of the article: kitti
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It was 22nd of September, 2007. A Rock'n'Roll festival, under the name 2500 Pounds of Heavenly Joy, took place at Ravintolalaiva Waiski, a three floor bar-restaurant, which is located on a boat.

The first band was the Jolly Be Goode - a typical Finnish Rock'n'Roll band with a rough sound, which is not my favourite style. The first songs made me think about what I was doing here and I had a strong wish to go back to the hotel. But some minutes later I was already used to the Jolly Be Goode style of playing and began to feel a kind of pleasure in it.

The next band, The Mighty Four, was the reason for us to come here - and we really enjoyed it! From the first minute they appeared on the stage, we had the feeling of flying sixty years back. All of the guys had stylish 40s suits on and, also seeing the upright bass on the stage (instead of bass guitar), made me to think that this band had got nothing in common with the previous one. 7, 8, 9, 10 and… right, the music started! Not JUST music, but very good music! Swinging tunes gave me a dancing feeling inside and I could not help but come closer to see the band properly and hopefully film a couple of videos. Well known covers, such as Rocket to the Moon, Sherry Flip and Hully Gully, were performed brilliant as well as their own songs, which took most of their set. You can also hear the best part of what they performed on their cds; four songs were taken from the last recording which is called “Slugs, Thugs and Corn Jugs”. The main vocalist is bass player Ari Berhall, but some of the songs were performed also by Petty Palmu (who, by the way, plays sax in the band). The drummer enthusistically did his job, while the other three members of The Mighty Four had fun moving in rhythm (in front of relaxed and a bit lazy audience) and occasionally coming down to the dance floor and doing tricks with their instruments. Applause followed every single song; some people danced and everyone seemed to enjoy the show. But in my opinion it could not be any other way!

After a short break the Mighty Four guitar player returned to the stage and two members of the next band, Doctor’s Order, joined him. This band, unfortunately, did not impress me very much (though Finnish people were delighted). Besides I felt a bit tired (and chilly), so we decided to go back to the hotel and have a rest… one week already passed, but I still have this pleasant feeling after the party in Helsinki.

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