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Articles » Crazy Cavan and Matchbox Shows in Tallinn

Crazy Cavan and Matchbox Shows in Tallinn
Date of Publication -21 September 2007
Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Author of the article: kitti
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First of all, I would like to say, that I am not a very big fan of Teddy boy's music, so I had two reasons for coming. The first one was to meet my friends and the second - it was interesting to see those famous bands and it was certainly better than staying home. So I am not going to eulogize the bands, I am just saying, that I think or feel. And it is ONLY my personal opinion. I don't want insult anyone.

So it was September the 15th, 2007. The autumn started and it was raining the whole day. But it didn't stop Finnish fans of Crazy Cavan and Matchbox to come to Estonia. Rock Cafe is a big place, but it was almost full. All Estonian rockers as well as rockabilly fans couldn't miss such a big event (which unfortunately are so rare in our coutry). So it was a good opportunity to join the happy crowd and meet the people you have not seen for a long time.

Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers was the first band on the stage. I have heard some of their recordings before and they were ok. But to be honest, I was disappointed and felt sorry for those drunk guys, who was trying shout and jump to make people feel the energy coming from the band (as for me, I didn't really feel it). Maybe it was exactly how teddie's festivals usually go... I am afraid, I am not so wise in this questions.
I tried to dance, but it was impossible because the rhythm broke up all the time (and it was not only me saying that). So I had nothing else to do, but stand still, trying understand what Crazy Cavan was singing about and looking at the happy and, as much drunk as the band itself, people around.

The next was Matchbox and I felt not that optimistic any more. But the band was great! As you know they have two more vocalists besides Graham Fenton and all of them sang very well. It was fantastic to hear wonderful covering of Johnny Burnette, Gene Vincent and others 50's stars' songs, as well as the original great hits of Matchbox. The people were singing along, everyone danced or moved with the music. Rockabilly Rebel meant to be the last song for Saturday night, but people wanted more. The band came back and made a beautiful medley of rocking songs. It was not the first time Matchbox played in Tallinn, but it was certainly their best show there!

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