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Articles » Legendary Kid Combo on chicks, booze, bucks and death

Legendary Kid Combo on chicks, booze, bucks and death
Date of Publication -20 June 2007
Topic - Interviews
Author of the article: rockabilly_girl
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5 distictive looking guys from Italy's finest wild west, country, hillbilly band 'Legendary Kid Combo'.

The band just released their latest full length CD 'Booze Bucks Death & Chicks' and Really Rockabilly decided to contact and catch up with all the news.

Really Rockabilly. Hi Mattia.

Your latest CD is great fun to listen to and sounds like you had fun while recording it...

LKC. Yeah, it was a great experience! Just imagine being locked away for 3
days with your buddies and tons of beer in a recording studio! It was just like a holiday! We had a great time together and your question is the confirmation of how much fun it is recording songs. Rock'n'Roll means fun and we really want people to enjoy themselves by listening our CD... it was our main purpose.

RR. 'Booze Bucks Death & Chicks' is available on CD as well as Vinyl. Is it completely the same material recorded on both, or one of these music medias has more tracks or maybe something extra?

LKC. It's exactly the same material - no bonus tracks.

RR. So the album is about all the topics and worries of man's life. Why
are 'chicks' in the last place?

LKC. Cause we are ugly and no girls wants us as boyfrends! Ahah just
kidding, we love women! of course!
The fact is that it's sounds better, from our point of view it should
be like this - chicks-booze-bucks-hot-death...but it's impossible to

RR. Moving to your (in)famous shows, does the music from the album represents the wild atmosphere on stage?

LKC. Not at all, shows are very different. The music is faster and everything is wilder and louder!
Usually we play all the songs of the CD and we have to play 7 or 8 songs more to cover one and a half we play faster..

RR. The show is very unusual because you have 4 girls doing burlesque
dances on stage. What a great idea! As I understand, each of the girls is doing her own tribute to different periods of Burlesque dancing?

LKC. Yes, exactly, we are talking about the Legendary Sick Show, where we
play with some girls on stage. It's a modern tribute to Vaudeville Burlesque mixed with up-to-date music and clothes. The girls have a lot of different shows, from the original to the Neo-Burlesque. It's really great but you know, we are in Italy and sometimes people think that it's a lap-dance show ...

RR. How did you get the girls involved in such a project?

LKC. We were surfing the web on MySpace and we found out the sickgirls page
so we added 'em to our friend list...

RR. Tell us about the forthcoming shows in Europe. I heard you are
coming to the UK soon. Are you bringing 'THE LEGENDARY SICK SHOW' with you?

LKC. Yes we'll tour europe soon but unfortunately without girls as it
would costs too much... but you never know...In October we'll tour Germany and Holland too.

Hear the guys right now as we have two wild songs in the DOWNLOADS section of Rockabilly Bash site.

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