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Articles » KIDS N BILLIES FESTIVAL (NL) - family friendly rockabilly event.

KIDS N BILLIES FESTIVAL (NL) - family friendly rockabilly event.
Date of Publication -13 June 2007
Topic - Lifestyle
Author of the article: rockabilly_girl
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Thank you to Stefan ( for preparing this article.


About ten years ago Jef van Ingen got his first kid and became a proud parent. In the years following he experienced troubles visiting concerts and festivals. Every time he or his wife had to stay at home or they had to find a nanny. Then he got this brilliant idea of organizing the ultimate festival where you could easily take your kids...
The formula: Put some kick-ass rock 'n roll bands on stage and in between a band for the kids in a surveyable arena. Drench the whole event in a 50's sauce, so kids can experience the old swingmill, the motorcycles, cotton candy, hula hoops and the hairdresser and parents and non-parents will enjoy go go dancers, a complete rock 'n roll market, the finest music and the easy atmosphere.

The first edition of this new rock 'n roll festival for the whole family took place in the year 2002. The Jime (DK) was headliner but Belgium's Fifty Foot Combo took away the show.
The year after, the party was made by The Fat Cats and another Belgium highlight, The Revelaires.
In 2004 The Paladins recorded the live DVD 'Power Shake' at the Kids 'n' Billies Festival (this year re-released on CD). The Paladins about Kids 'n' Billies: "The atmosphere at the festival was relaxed yet inspiring and while many in the audience were enjoying the many attractions all over the field, the hardcore Paladins fans grouped in front of the stage to sing and dance the band to a great performance..."
In 2005 lots of people made a long trip to see Speedball Jr and The Space Cadets on stage at Kids 'n' Billies. Because of the threatening dark clouds in the morning there were not as many people as expected. This resulted in a 2006-break for the festival...

But this year we're back and we decided to do it better! We want to bring different roots-music then just rockabilly, so next to Heavy Trash, the Rhumba Kings and Ten Horned Devels we contracted The Slackers and The Cheaters.
For the kids we have Warboel on stage and in the field they'll find an Elvis dance-workshop, lots of circus acts, our famous swingmill, lots of candy and a whole bunch of activities...

Opening hour: 12:00 / Tickets: ? 12,- in presale

HEAVY TRASH ft. JON SPENCER & MATT VERTA-RAY: Steaming and hip shaking old school rockabilly at its swampy finest, from New York City, USA...

THE SLACKERS: Rude and reckless mix of ska, rocksteady, dub, soul, swing, garagerock and jazz, emerging from New York City, USA...
THE RHUMBA KINGS: High energy, wild, rock'n'roll trio, mixing early 50s blues and rockabilly with early 60s British rock'n'roll and surf instrumentals, from Belgium (partly England)...

THE CHEATERS: Convincing 60's beat and 70's punk, drenched in garage, from Oslo, Norway...

WARBOEL EN DE RUIGE ROCKBAND: Theatrical musical where the kids have to help a real rockband to play their show in an old dusty theatre...
TEN HORNED DEVELS: Dynamic mixture from desperate rockabilly, neo-rockabilly, psychobilly, hillbilly and surf, from Nijmegen, Holland...

STOMPBROTHER RAY will twist the finest records before, in between and after the live performances. And then you can become Elvis following the workshop by VIVA LAS ELVIS, enjoy circus acts from IN DE WAR PRODUKTIES, walk the rock 'n roll market, ride the authentic SWINGMILL, get your theatrical toasted bread at HEET BROOD and enjoy lots of children activities...

Online available at // Kids (0-12): FREE ENTRANCE!!!
Presale: ? 12,- (ex. ? 1,- transaction costs) // Tickets at the Festival: ? 15,-

Kids n Billies will take place in an open-air arena in the citypark of Nijmegen, Netherlands, close to the border with Germany. If you drive into Nijmegen, there will be signs on all big roads, leading you to the festival. There'll be enough parking-places.

For camping, check:
For hotels or bed & breakfast, find info at - 'locatie'

For photos and the latest info, check out (in Dutch) or our myspace: (in English)

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