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Articles » Rockin' Daddy O's Rockabilly Ranch Party Online

Rockin' Daddy O's Rockabilly Ranch Party Online
Date of Publication -09 June 2007
Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Author of the article: rockitradio
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Come tune into Rock-it Radio's latest Rockabilly Show online. It's Rockin' Daddy O's Rockabilly Ranch Party.

You can go to tune in by going to the Rock-it Programs page at: and clicking to the speaker to show #2124. Here is a playlist of the show.

Ken Abrizzi and the Rockin' Daddy O's
Rockabilly Ranch party full of great rockabilly music old and new.
To tune into our shows here simply go to our archives page at:
and click to the speaker on the left hand side of the show you want to hear.

So, you can easily start boppin' this weekend with the Rockabilly
Ranch Party Show. Here is the playlist of what you will hear.
1. Go Daddy-O-Big Bad Voodoo Daddy 1998
2. Let's Go Daddy-O-High Noon 2002
3. Your Baby Blue Eyes-Johnny Burnette Rock n' Roll Trio 1956
4. Jump Baby Jump-Harry Carter (The Rock n' Roll Apache)
5. Jive After Five-Carl Perkins 1958
6. All Messed Up-Jess Hooper 1955
7. Bop Bobby Sox Bop-Alton Guy unis
8. Skippy is a Sissy-Roy Gaines
9. Savage-Alan Baricoat
10. Bottle to the Baby-Charlie Feathers unis alt
11. Boppin' Lil Betty-Arsen Roulette 2005
12. Bloodshot-String Kings
13. Up Jumped the Devil-Ronnie Dawson 1997
14. Long Gone Daddy-Pat Cupp 1963
15. You Can't Make Love to Somebody-Carl Perkins
16. Joann Joann-Johnny Amelio
17. Cheat On Me Baby-Rockin' Saints 1960
18. Rock Rock Rocketship-Rockers
19. Pretty Baby Rock-Jimmy Myers and Tex Regan
20. Rock Crazy Baby-Art Adams
21. If You'll Be a Baby To Me-Wildfire Willie and the Ramblers 1993
22. Playmates-Derrell Felts
23. Presumida-Lil' Luis Y Los Wild Teens 2003
24. Baby Baby-Mike Waggoner and Bops
25. You Call It Love, I Call It Greed- Mean Devils 2004
26. Hot and Cold-Marvin Rainwater 1956<
27. I Can't Find the Doorknob-Jimmy and Johnny 1958
28. The Shadow Knows-Link Wray 1964

You know all the dj's here at Rock-it Radio love to get there e mail! You can send future requests, dedications and comments to the Rockin Daddy O and his Rockabilly Ranch Party show at:

For the latest show updates online at Rock-it Radio come join the Rock-it Radio Listener's club at: and click to the banner to join. It's free and get a free newsletter every Friday.

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