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Articles » The Blueflames and The Seatsniffers in Lowton, UK!

The Blueflames and The Seatsniffers in Lowton, UK!
Date of Publication -25 January 2007
Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Author of the article: Mike_The_Bopper
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So that was it, it was the night of the Lowton Rockabilly Uprising! And what a night it was.. Both Julie and I didn't get there till around 7.30(ish), and already the place was looking busy. Tom & Stuart did what they do best, and what a great job they did too! Noeline was full of anticipation for the nights events.. It wasn't long before Howard and Annushka from Raucous Records arrived to set up shop, and as ever there never seemed to be a shortage of interest in their stall.
Time had now started to gather pace as the first band of the evening took centre stage. Stuart gave the introduction to a band that I have been eager to see for quite some time.. Ladies & Gentlemen, live on stage.. The Blueflames! The band consists of: Kev on Vocals/Harp/Guitar - Shaun on Guitar/Slide - Mick on Slap Bass - Andy on Drums.. They set the night off with a scorchin' version of Sonny Terry & Brownee McGee's Ride 'N' Roll which was rapidly followed up by Ben Hewitt's My Search.. At this point the dance floor was flanked by boppers who pounded out the beat and rhythm as they bopped the night away. Soon enough it was a great little version of Little Sister that would have made the king proud. Having not seen these before, I was unsure to the material they would be playing, and the response the band would get from the audience.. Well for one thing, I was heavily impressed! and so was the audience. Mickey Lee Lane's Senior Class was an instant hit, and more of the audience flocked to the dance floor.. These boys just rock! Not only are they talented, they can sure entertain too. The Sonics hit Have Love Will Travel got the strollers going, but Dr. Ross' Cat Squirrel soon got the boppers back to pole position.. It was time for the band to bid their farewell and exit stage right.. Not a chance!

An old favourite of mine got almost everybody onto the dance floor with Take Five, Gonna Miss Me and finally Worried About You Baby brought an end to the first of tonight's bands. What a brilliant first half of the night.. Time now for Cheshire Cat Tom and Rockin' Stu to spin those discs.. Of late, both Tom and Stuart have gathered quite a following, never does a week go by without me receiving e-mails from people who have seen them and they just keep on asking the same question: "Can we have more of Tom & Stu?" Well, this in turn was passed onto Noeline.. well folks, both Tom & Stuart will be appearing again soon! Doesn't time fly when you're havin' fun. However plagued by problems with the sound system it was time now for the second of tonight's bands, and all the way from Antwerp, Belgium.. The Seatsniffers!

Now if you've never seen these guys perform before, you'll be in for a surprise! The Seatsniffers are one of Europe's most powerful and entertaining bands on today's rockin' scene. The bands line up: Walter Broes - Guitar & Vocals / Roel Jacobs - Vocals, Sax & Guitar / Jack Fire - Slap Bass & Vocals / Piet De Houwer - Drums & Vocals.. They hit the stage with 110% enthusiasm as they pounded out such red hot hits as Assembly Line, Ready, and another on of their title tracks from their list of albums; Let's Burn Down The Cornfields, which had quite a country feel to it.. One of the best versions of Jimmy McCracklin's Georgia Slop had my feet pounding out the beat, and for the first time ever, Johnny Kidd's Castin' My Spell On You.. What made this of interest was the fact no body was dancing, however, from the applause and the cheers for more it was evident that the audience liked what they saw and heard. Still, their sound system still hadn't recovered from it's earlier breakdown, and caused them problems for most of the evening. But that still didn't stop the lads from pounding out song after song.. Now being a drummer I tend to watch the bands drummer more than anything else, and it was a real treat to watch Piet hammer out the beat to the rhythm.. He's in a class of his own, and 100% an entertainer!

The Seatsniffers Doin' The Georgia Slop!

Well it was time for the band to give their final bow and exit stage left.. Well, that's what you think! Not a chance, the audience bellowed and shouted for more, feet banged on the floor, and hands clapped as Stuart asked them to come back on to give us some more.. The guys returned to give us an absolute brilliant performance and in return the audience still wanted more.. So they returned back not once, not twice but three times.. Now that's some encore! After that performance, they really did deserve a well earned rest.. Rockin' Stu took up pole position again with more dance floor fillers.. And I was quite surprised to see the dance floor so full to Benny Goodman & Gene Crupa's Sing Sing Sing.. I do love that track! Anyway, it was time for me to call it a night and bid my own farewell to everyone.. All in all tonight, it was a resounding success! The atmosphere was warm and friendly, and the evenings entertainment from both Tom & Stu, plus The Blueflames and The Seatsniffers made it all the more enjoyable and complete.. Well done to all of you! And an extra special thanks to you, the audience.. It you who made this an even more enjoyable event.. So till next time! You all keep on rockin!

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