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Articles » Wildfire Willie and Bill Fadden live in Lowton, UK

Wildfire Willie and Bill Fadden live in Lowton, UK
Date of Publication -25 January 2007
Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Author of the article: Mike_The_Bopper
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Good Bye 2006, and Hello 2007! The End Of Year Rockabilly Shakedown hit the stage at Lowton Labour Club on the 28th December. Cheshire Cat Tom and Rockin' Stu spun those rockin' tracks of wax, well CD's actually, but it sounded better... Anyway.. The turn out was great and the atmosphere was intense! First band in to action was Bill Fadden & The Stringbusters.. These guys are true gents and they sure know how to rock! They hit the stage with the Johnny Jano classic - Some Other Time and was soon followed up by Joe Clay's Doggone It.. Let me introduce the band.. Bill Fadden on lead vocals and rhythm guitar - Rob Nedin on lead guitar - Martin Ford on dawg house slap bass and finally Mark Kemlo on drums, and he can sure hammer out that red hot rockin' rhythm.. Most of you will know the band from way back when and their days as The Rimshots and of late the backing for Gene Gambler.. Back to the show! Like many other bands that travel the world wide rockin' scene, there are a great many that I haven't had the chance to see, Bill Fadden formally of The Silvertone Flyers is one of them.. I have to be honest when I say that I was heavily impressed! Bill not only can sing, but he's a top class entertainer too. Bill made light work of Skeets McDonald's Heartbrakin' Mama and Marty Wilde's Love Bug Crawl.. Ahh well.. All great things have to come to an end as Bill and the lads made their final exit after an extremely wild session to close the show for the first half of the night. Cheshire Cat Tom and Rockin' Stu took up pole position to spin those rockin' trax of wax.
As I mentioned earlier, there are a great many bands that I haven't seen, well I was sure in for a treat tonight! Two top class acts battle it out in Lowton. Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers have been touring the Rockin' circuit world wide for a number of years and what a great bunch of guys they are too. They made a thunderous start with a Buddy Holly classic, Ting-A-Ling, which was shortly followed by Benny Joy's Crash The party. So lets take a look at who they are: Jan Svensson - vocals / rhythm guitar, Jyrki Juvonen - electric guitar, Markku Juvonen - drums and Alf Ostlund - acoustic bass. Back to the show! They carried on with the red hot Gettin' My Kicks and hits from Johnny Burnette, and Dale Hawkins. More soon followed with Make Up Your Mind, Crazy 'Bout You Baby and You're Gonna Treat Me Right.. After every number they received a thunderous applause from the audience, one that any band should be proud of. Well time stands still for no body, let alone on a night of some of the hottest rockabilly around. So it was back to Tom & Stu to close the night. But before I finish, I would like to give thanks to all our regulars for all their unyielding support throughout 2006, there will be no need to name names as you know who you are. Plus a huge thank you to the management and staff at Lowton Labour Club. Well folks, all that remains now is to wish you all a very Happy New Year.. See you all in 2007

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