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Articles » Desperados European tour 2017

Desperados European tour 2017
Date of Publication -06 July 2017
Topic - Interviews
Author of the article: catzy
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Four men band Desperados is from Santa Ana, California. They are touring at the moment around the Europe. This several months tour started in May and ends in July 2017. At the tour, there is the soul of the band singer/rhythm guitarist Lou "Slim" Ferns and at the bass the backbone Andrew "Popeye" Iniguez - they have both been at the band since the day one. Two David's are now replaced by new musicians: at the drums there is Robert "Bobby" Greenig, who plays also at Wild Record bands Downbeats and Josh “Hi-Fi” Sorheim & The Rhythm Kings and last, but not the least at the guitar there is Adrian Contreras, who plays also at Downbeats. With this new combination Desperados keeps on staying young and fresh. Desperados has been very busy this year. Beside local gigs, the band was playing at Viva Las Vegas, Nashville Boogie and now they are at the European tour that has included among other venues Screamin', Rockabilly Rave and this coming weekend Sjock, then back to USA for Viva East (Marlborough, Massachusetts) and Rockalavera in Mexico. Before European tour, I chased singer Lou Ferns around LA to get some answers...

How did you learn to play guitar? Do you practice a lot?

- I am self taught, the first time I strummed a guitar I knew that that's what I wanted to play, I was a drummer at the time, but instantly fell in love with the guitar and ditched the drums.

How did the Desperados got into Wild record label?

- Well, we had been into Wild Records since we were all teenagers. We were a little cocky at the time. We knew that we weren't half as good as the other Wild acts, but for some reason we felt like Reb would sign us. We kept playing shows hoping that Reb would show up. One time we got a gig with the Rhythm Shakers and Reb was there. He came up to us after our set and told us that he wanted to work with us. We were the happiest dudes ever.

You got Suavecito Pomade as sponsor, tell what that means to Desperados?

- The Suavecito guys are really good people and friends. We are as much proud of their success as they are ours. We are all from Santa Ana and since you usually hear bad things about Santa Ana, like murders, theft and gang violence, its really nice for people to see that there are people trying to do good in our little city.

Is there coming new Desperados record anytime soon?

- We were trying to make the new album happen for this upcoming tour, but unfortunately we were not able to do that since we were working with new members. Very talented members I should say. We have been writing new material and the sound certainly has changed a bit due to the new guys style. But that is a good kind of change. I am super anxious to start recording and get new album out.

You play also at an other band. How does it feel to be guitarist and not the vocalist of Eddie & Thee Scorpions?

- I saw Young Eddie outside a gig playing and singing a cover. I walked up to him and asked why he doesn't start a band. He said he didn't know anyone that would want to. So I told him I would help him with it and that if he didn't do good in school I would stop playing with him. Haha, but it all worked out. Eddie has shown to everyone in the band his hunger for music. He has been working real hard and it feels good playing music with people who have passion for it. I never really liked being the front man, so I really enjoy playing guitar. I try to stay active with the guitar as much as possible, which is why I play with several people.

Eddie & Thee Scorpions has new record ”Better Beware” out, if you cannot get it from your local record seller, go to

Wild Records USA

or Wild Records Europe

You also have sometimes female singer visiting on stage with the Desperados. Who is she and is there
coming also more co-operation with her, recordings maybe?

- Her name is Stephanie and she is one of my best friends. Her voice is just beautiful and we are actually starting a band with her. And we will be recording some stuff with Wild in the future.

What thoughts do you have about the European tour? Do you have any image for example how Finland is like?

- I love Europe. I sometimes wish I could live out there. This time it's going to be a bit different, as I'm booking this 2 month tour on my own, I'm not sure how it's going to turn out, but I like taking risks. Luckily we have got gigs booked at the biggest festivals in Europe, so that's exciting. My friend Gizzelle once sent me pictures from Finland, when she was out there in the middle of the night. The sun was still out and I though it was super cool. So ever since then I've been wanting to visit Finland.

What do you see for the Desperados in the future?

- To be honest I never really think about the future. Haha, I'm more of the present type of guy and I take it as it comes. I'm happy where we are right now, but of course we will be working harder and harder. And try to put out as much music as possible. As much as we wish that we could play music for a living, we are just doing it for the love of the music. Music has gotten us to travel and see new places and meet beautiful people and make great friends along the way. All I want for the future is that we keep on doing that.

What can I say, Desperados is one of my favorite bands. Always has and always will be. There are many reasons for it and one of them is that Desperados have got killer gigs every time. Go an see yourself! They don't just play the music, they are the music. This weekend Desperados will be playing at Sjock (Belgium). After that at Viva East... Let's have some fun!

Desperados releases:
The Desperados - Won't Be Broken (2015)
The Desperados - On the Rampage (2011)

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