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Articles » My tour to "Graceland", Memphis, Tennessee

My tour to "Graceland", Memphis, Tennessee
Date of Publication -03 December 2009
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Author of the article: grease_1
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My wife and I just returned a few days ago from "Graceland" the home of the late Elvis Presley. The VIP Tour is the only way to go when visiting Graceland. Your are allowed to take the tour for that day as many times as you want.

The home has twenty four rooms and is kept in great condition. You cannot go upstairs as that area is off limits. The part of the tour that was amazing was going through the "Trophy Room" and the Racquetball Court he had built.

These two rooms house around (500) Gold and or Platinum (45 Records and Albums). The Racquetball Room is about thirty feet high and is covered from the top of the walls to the bottom in awards. One of Elvis's Awards was from RCA in 1977. The award was the pressing of One Billion Records!

I asked one of the Tour Guides how many awards total are in the Estate but she said she had lost track. This year alone the Estate has received (9) gold and platinum awards. The Estate employs (500) employees.

This tour made me realize why his impact continues today. Just recently on American Television there is new commercial and Elvis is in it wearing his Black Leathers from the 68 Comback Special.

Across the street is the Elvis Estate Shopping Center. The center has a tour of his cars, his films and the time he was in the Military. In addition the Elvis Radio Station which is 24/7 Elvis Music is located at the center.

The rest of Memphis is cool. Beale Street where Elvis hung out is a tourist trap. B.B. King has a club there which features blues and I enjoyed my time in the club.

If you get a chance to go to "Graceland" I am sure you wil have a great time.

Steve "Daddy-O" Byers
San Diego, California

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