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Articles » 1st Rockabilly Bash in the Cruise Inn

1st Rockabilly Bash in the Cruise Inn
Date of Publication -11 November 2009
Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Author of the article: kitti
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I want to make a "special" feedback about the party. Let's call it - Rockabilly Bash through my eyes.

A little less than a year ago the idea itself was born. The realisation of it was very exciting and interesting. It was our first festival, so we absolutely didn't know what was awaiting us on this road. Anyway, the main idea was to have fun.

Idea to invite our long time friend Don Woody was a great one. So in this way we could unite our two projects, Don Woody Official Website and Rockabilly Bash, into one big live entertaiment.

About backing up band there were no doubts. The Tri-Tones was the perfect one for it. Who heard them will understand why. The second reason was that Artur (the guitar player) helped us six years ago to find Don Woody, also Garik (the bass player) was helping a lot with flyers and posters.

Lost Hound was another good choice. They don't play in Holland that often and they are just great! The band we were longing to see already long time ago.

To make the Bash perfect we added some extra flavours. RJ - the finest rockabilly singer from Holland (the most critical person to himself, I have ever met!) with rockin' voice and driving me crazy moves. And Little Neal and his Blue Flames - certainly one of the best rock'n'roll bands in Germany.

The venue of the party was also not the kind of subject to think about. The one and only real rockin' place in the Netherlands, which has open doors especially for rockabilly events and has amazing atmosphere... Though it has one disavantage - it is damn difficult to find! Even taxi drivers, who were bringing people for the party, were lost!

So everything was set. Promotions were done. Thanks to people who were helping out! And sorry for not making guest list for you. We were sincerely hoping that all of you would understand it - we had great (and not cheap) bands from different countries and club which could hold only 200-250 people.

So the "magic" date was coming close, when we've got sad news that Lost Hound could not come due to health problems of the bass player. Anyway we had to find a proper replacement. I think we have found the right one. To keep it special, we decided to invite Miss Kate-Lynn, a new name on the scene, but the most powerful rock'n'roll vocals I ever heard!

Friday the rehearsal of Don Woody and The Tri-Tones took place. Every song was played only once, Don Woody was amazed about the quality and so close to original sound... so he decided to add to his list two more songs (Red Blooded American Boy and, my favourite, Not I) he recorded in the late 1950's, but never performed live.

The Day came. Lotta came the same day and also another Basher and our cousin Julia joined us. Just before 7pm we left the house and went to the Cruise Inn. To see people coming in was one of the most exciting moments. Very fast the place was packed, the bands started exactly the time it was planned.

Miss Kate-Lynn amazed the crowd. You could alredy feel the energy moving around. Estonian band, Tri-Tones, like I expected, was a nice suprise for many people. RJ smashed the public with his great performance.

Don Woody asked us to introduce him, so we gave a break to our dearest host Chris and jumped onto the stage. It was a big hounour for us and I guess, we did it okey.

So the person, everyone was waiting for, appeared. It was the most touching moments for me. Crowd went crazy. Every single song of Don Woody was sung with the audience. When I was watching video Barkin' Up The Wrong Tree (made by Maurits) the day after and also another one, from Viva Las Vegas Show, I could see the difference right away. American audience was barkin', our European - was singing together, every song with every lyrics. Yes, it was very special moment and I am sure everyone who were there will remember it for a long time!

After RJ finished his set... we got a problem. With the sound. It was quite dissapointing, but Little Neal and his band had patience, and so had the crowd. One hour waiting, chatting and dancing and the show could go on. German band was really good, but everybody already knew they would be.

It was planned to finnish The Rockabilly Bash at 3 am. But most of people didn't want to leave the party. Boppin', strolling and swinging was going on till 4 o'clock. Then the party stopped and we, tired and very satisfied, went home.

So it is my look and my emotions. Now I hope that people who attended the Rockabilly Bash will find some minute and share their opinons and photos with us!

The Tri-Tones - Watergate Boogie

Don Woody - Dird Dog

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20 November 2009
Comment by yulkav

That was a perfect rockabilly night! For a long time i didn't enjoy the party so much! The Cruise Inn was full of friends! Everybody were dancing, had a lot of fun! Thanks to all bands and especially to Don Woody for one of the most memorable events of the year!

p.s. I'd like to say extra BIG THANK to Kitti, Lotta and Hans, who brought The Rockabilly Bash party to life!

20 November 2009
Comment by kitti

Thanks! It was indeed! At least very special for us. Next time all people who participate at Rockabilly Bash must come, it would be much more fun then...

19 November 2009
Comment by rockinev

Congratulations on hosting what sounds to have been a very excellent event!

14 November 2009
Comment by lottelou

It's a great article about how Rockabilly Bash "was born"! How many efforts were taken before the party and how much was done to make it happen! And of course, the party was worth it! :) Seeing Don Woody on stage was like long-time dream came true! And other bands were really brilliant!!! People were enjoying event, dancing and swinging until the very end!! It was a big crowd in Cruise Inn!!

I hope the next Rockabilly Bash will be the same fun! :)


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