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Articles » The Fabulous Ottomans from Spain

The Fabulous Ottomans from Spain
Date of Publication -15 May 2009
Topic - Interviews
Author of the article: joana
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This interesting band with a multifaceted bckground comes from Barcelona. I haven't seen them yet on stage, but I hope it's possible some day. Enjoy!

RB: First of all, please, tell me, who you are and where are you from?

FO: We are six guys from Barcelona who have played in several bands in the underground scene and tour all over Europe and USA and three years ago set a new band to play some R'n'B, soul and R'n'R as they used to do at the end of the 50's and at the beginning of the 60's.

RB: Please, tell me about your music career and bands?

FO: We've played in several bands as I told you before. Miguel, the singer had played in three bands before. The Ascetics, a doo wop band. The Nu Niles, A rockabilly band that toured Europe and USA and The Big Jamboree which is a swing and jump blues band. Pep, the saxophone player used to play in a rock'n'roll band called the Jungle Tigers were he was the sole Spaniard between German guys. Salva, the joker, our drummer, played in Brioles - a rockabilly band with quite big punk influences with a very long career and in several jazz combos. Dani, the bass player and Pau, the lead guitar were in The Born Loser, the best instro fuzz band in Spain ever and Pau played also in a gipsy jazz band. AdriÓ played in a 60's beat band who recreated the Spanish beat scene during the sixties called Los Soberanos. He played also in Los Walkysons - a surf and frat rock band and The Waldorf Astorias, a band who played punk rock classics, then turned into swing, boogaloo, Latin jazz or bossanova. As you can see our origins are very eclectic but our passion for the music we're playing is the same.

RB: Who are your inspirers?

FO: In writing music? Women that we loved or desired and some stupid things that are making us laugh.

RB: Do you write music yourself?

FO: Yes, Pau and AdriÓ are the guys who are mainly doing that, but they're open to the suggestions of the other guys that sometimes improves the compositions that they are making.

RB: Have you ever performed in Finland? Where else abroad have you been?

FO: No, never, but we'd love to, possibly not during the wintertime. We've played obviously in Spain then in Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany and the UK

RB: Do you have a lot of gigs and do you like to tour?

FO: Well, some of the guys have respectable jobs and we can't play as often as we wpuld like to. It's about 20 times a year but we definitely are digging it.

RB: Please, tell about your recordings.

FO: We have released two 45's with Butterfly Records which is a small company from Barcelona with a great catalogue of artists owned by a man with a huge passion for music and one of the most honest guys in the business. And that is something rarer than a hens' teeth. We recorded it live in the studio like in the old times, the quality is something that you have to judge. Do you like it? We hope so.

RB: Do you have also some fan stuff on sale? If you do, are you deciding together, what to sell for your devotees?

FO: One of us has an idea for some stupid item to sell and usually everybody agrees, then the guy who has the idea has to fulfill it, so, there's people that hasn't any idea ever. I don't know if they're less creative or too lazy to do it. I think I prefer not to ask. He, he.

RB: Your regards to readers of this website?

FO: Have a long and happy life full of vintage memorabilia. Keep on rockin' with a little bit of soul.

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03 July 2009
Comment by real_cool_cat

Shows from this band were a hurricane of R&B coolness...sadly they disbanded a few weeks ago. Some members have started a much more sixties garage-oriented band (but till they play awesomely).


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