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Articles » John Atle Lynghaug, the man behind Rebels Revenge!

John Atle Lynghaug, the man behind Rebels Revenge!
Date of Publication -25 March 2009
Topic - Interviews
Author of the article: joana
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I've seen this energetic band from Norway on stage for a few times and I must say, that it's a pleasure to see such an enthusiasm in rockabilly and teddyboy life.

Rockabilly Bash: First of all, please, tell me, who you are and where are you from? And the band?

JAL: My name is John Atle Lynghaug, and I´m the manager of Rebels Revenge. I come from Tønsberg in the southern part of Norway. The band also comes from the same town and I happened to be the bass player's father.

RB: How long you have been manager of Rebels Revenge? When the band was founded?

JAL: I have been the manager since they started in 2001/02. Before that I was the manager for “the Money Makers” that used yo have a name Rebels Revenge, before they changed name.

RB: Who are your inspirers?

JAL: Well, I like all rockin` music, but I like teddy Boy rock'n'roll the most...

RB: Do you write music yourself and if so, when and how?

JAL: I have written some songs, but not for the band. The guitarist and the bass player are writing all the material that is self-penned.

RB: I know you were in Finland at least in summer 2007 at Real Gone Weekender. Have you been on other gigs in Finland? Tell me about your most exotic performing experiences?

JAL: I have been many times in Finland, with the band and on festivals by myself. We like it in Finland, and we have lots of friends there.

All rock'n'roll gigs in Finland are great! You just can´t beat the atmosphere of those parties…

RB: Do you have a lot of gigs and do you like to tour?

JAL: Well, we have travelled a lot in Europe during the last few years, and also been playing a lot in Norway.

I like being on the road, lots of good music and you always meet good friends wherever you travel.

RB: Please, tell about your recordings.

JAL: The band have 3 albums out, and a live album together with Foggy Mountain Rockers. We're working on a fourth studio album now.

RB: Do you have also some fan stuff on sale? If you do, do you decide together, what to sell for your devotees?

JAL: Yes, we have many new things to offer, like patches and new t-shirts. Our German manager Kai Steffens (also the manager for Foggy) helps us creating new things for the market.

RB: Your regards to readers of this website?

JAL: Hope to see all of you on concerts and festivals in both Finland and rest of Europe!

Keep on reading and rockin`

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