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Articles » Ervin Travis and The Virginians - Tribute to Gene Vincent, Southern Jivers RnR Club Chelmsford UK 22/3/2009

Ervin Travis and The Virginians - Tribute to Gene Vincent, Southern Jivers RnR Club Chelmsford UK 22/3/2009
Date of Publication -24 March 2009
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Author of the article: rockinev
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This was quite a scoop for a small rock n roll club in Essex, England to secure a show from this renowed French Gene Vincent tribute artist on a Sunday afternoon.

Lets just say that this was mothering sunday so the crowd was not as large as it could of been but still a very respectable turn out to greet Ervin.

It is a strange concept seeing a band at 3.30 in the afternoon and you have to work hard to get the crowd worked up.

I have not seen Ervin before and when he took to the stage was quite taken by his uncanny resemblence, not just the leather outfit and golden madallion, but the way he crouches at the mike, dragged his leg behind him, stared up at the ceiling while singing, all the mannerisims captured in his performance.

Ervin played a show of almost an hour and a half including encores, highlights for me anyway included, Spaceship to Mars, Sexy Ways, Baby Blue. He included a lot of the greats Say Mama, Dance to the Bop, Well I Knocked, as well of some of the ballads like Over the Rainbow.

His reportire came mostly from the later part of Gene's Capitol career, the era when he was recording in and visiting Europe regularly. For my personal taste we could have done with more from the early part of Gene's career, with the original Blue Caps, things like Pink Thunderbird, Cat Man, but this is a small complaint to be fair. The band backing Ervin were solid well honed and professional.

You could almost imagine what it was like in the early sixties when Gene's wild brand of rock n roll hit Europe, the excitment must of been something else, alas I was not there.

This was a good entertaining show, the thing you realize is that Gene's music is still very much loved and really it does not matter what part of the rockin scene you're into, neo, ted, rockabilly etc, everyone loves Gene.

The real treat though was that Gene's daughter and grandson were present in the crowd and she joined Ervin for the final encore of Be Bop a Lula, rounding off a great show to a large round of applause.

A big thanks must go to Anna who runs the club, they have regular band nights and in June are holding an all dayer. Details will be posted on the events page.

Rockin Nev

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13 April 2009
Comment by rockinev

I have now added a few photos of the gig for you to enjoy.


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