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Articles » Ladies and gentlemen - King Drapes!

Ladies and gentlemen - King Drapes!
Date of Publication -19 March 2009
Topic - Interviews
Author of the article: joana
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I have known this band for many years, already when the band had a dissimilar line-up. Also band's style has changed and you will decide, how much you like today's King Drapes.

Rockabilly Bash: First of all, please, tell me, who you are and where are you from?

C.R.S:Our band's name is King Drapes. We're a Finnish Rockin' Trio. C.R.S vocals/guitar, Johnny Coleman: double bass, Jack Hammer: drums

RB: What's your current band, when it was founded and are there other bands in your life and history?

C.R.S: I've played in several bands . Here are 'em in order: Worst Nightmare (Psychobilly), Lost & Found (50Ęs Rock & Roll), Crazy Lee (Neo-Rockabilly), Muleheads (Rockabilly), Uptown Feature (Neo-Rockabilly), King Drapes , Knockouts, Lost Rebels

RB: Who are your inspirers?

C.S.R: Stray Cats, Brian Setzer, Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers, Eddie Cochran, Johnny Burnette, Elvis, Matchbox...all the 50's & Revival Rockers, Neo-Rockabilly, Finnish rautalanka (instrumental rock'n'roll, editor's note), Blues, Psychobilly...

RB: Do you write music yourself and if so, for whom and how?

C.R.S: Yes. Music and lyrics just keep on comin' into my head and I write 'em down.

RB: I know you are in Finland a well-known band. Tell me about your most exotic performing experiences?

C.R.S: Hard to pick up the most exotic....maybe playin' in Bosnia or U.K...or in some of the Swedish car clubs....can't decide.

RB: Do you have a lot of gigs and do you like to tour?

C.R.S: We have enough gigs. Yes, touring is great.

RB: Please, tell about your recordings.

C.R.S: We have 6 albums out + some other stuff, singles, ep, songs on different compilations etc...we usually do record a lot of songs in small time. Two weeks ago we recorded 22 songs in two days.

RB: Do you have also some fan stuff on sale? If you do, do you decide together, what to sell for your devotees?

C.R.S: We have t-shirts & patches for sale. I'm responsible for that.

RB: Your regards to readers of this website?

C.R.S: Hope to meet you somewhere on the road. Rockin' lifestyle is our way of livin' & we love it:)

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