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Articles » Slap bass lessons - Lesson 3

Slap bass lessons - Lesson 3
Date of Publication -04 March 2009
Topic - Online Lessons
Author of the article: kitti
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The online lessons of slappin’ bass are introduced by Hans Nelemans specially for Rockabilly Bash website.

Extras (close-up of the bass walk):

Explanation of lesson three:

This time we are playing a bass walk. We continue with playing in the key of E. Remember the schedule = E A B. First we are going to find the right tones.

First the E tone (lose E string): Than

G# - B – C# - E – C# - B - G#. Play this 2 times.

Continue with

A (Lose A String) – C# - E – F# - A – F# - E - C#. Play 1 time.
E - G# - B – C# - E – C# - B - G#. 1 time
B (on A string) D# - F# - G# – B – G# – F# - D#. 1 time.
E - G# - B – C# - E – C# - B - G#. 1 time

Now you played exactly the same schedule as in lesson two. But now with walking the bass instead of this country style slappin’.

Talking about the slappin’. The bass walk you learned now, you can try to play this with pulling the strings. For the right effect you should hit the fingerboard when you are going to pull the strings. So slap your hand on the fingerboard and while doing this pull the strings.

Don’t forget to keep on practising the first two lessons. You should grow custom to the counting’s of the EAB schedule.


E count till 8
A count till 4
E count till 4
B count till 4
E count till 4

Together this 24 counts or for every 2 counts one bar. So 12 bars. Make’s the 12 bar blues.

Have fun!

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17 September 2012
Comment by rockin_steve

This lessons are rockin, please keep them coming.

You should compile a DVD of lessons because I would buy it

Fantastic job, thank you

17 November 2011
Comment by robbieheth

Is hans going to do more double bass lessons , i hope so I've learnt so much from them. More please

26 September 2009
Comment by kitti

Hans promised to make the next one during coming week ... so keep watching

24 September 2009
Comment by 56pontiac

These are great beginner lessons. I found them on Youtube first. When is Hans going to give us more?


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