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Articles » Megatones - saludo de España!

Megatones - saludo de España!
Date of Publication -02 March 2009
Topic - Interviews
Author of the article: joana
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I had a chance to see this great Spanish band on stage at Real Gone Weekender in August 2008 in hotel Waltikka, Valkeakoski, Finland. I hadn't seen this band earlier, but I liked it very much. Aquilino Gómez (vocals, rhythm guitar) kindly answered to my questions.

Rockabilly Bash: First of all, please, tell me, who you are and where are you from?

AG: We're The Megatones from Madrid, Spain: Bob McCurry on drums, JC Brassamonte on bass guitar, Salomón Molina on lead guitar and myself, Aquilino Gómez, on vocals and rhythm guitar.

RB: When the band was founded and how long you have been playing together?

AG: The band was formed back in 1994 and the only original member still in the band is me. Salomón joined in 1998 more or less. Bob came into the band in 2006 and JC joined a few days before our visit to Finland last summer.

Salomón came into the band when we already had an EP in the shops and we were recording our 2nd EP (a split with Wild Bob Burgos on flipside).

We both recorded our first CD on 2001 with other musicians. By that time Bob was 15 Y.O., so he grew up with our music and our songs. The first time we asked him to come for a try, as we needed a drummer, he said "play anything you want from your recordings. I know all of them!" This was definitely what launched us to tell him to join the band.

Finally JC who is a bartender at our rehearsal studio. We became good buddies soon as he's a great lad. There's very few people in Spain who are into Rock & Roll, but destination sent this man to us so we were a complete band again!

RB: Who are your inspirers?

AG: Ourselves. Our own experiences. Life, day after day real life.There's always little pieces of real life behind a song. There's your own feelings or something you've been through.

I believe that love (well, or the lack of it) can be the thing that inspires someone to write and compose mostly.

Someone with a perfect life could probably write a song, but what would he say in the words? Only things noone would be interested in. Right?

RB: Do you write music yourself and if so, when and how?

AG: Well, I write the songs where and when I have the time and inspiration, then take the idea to the rehearsall. There the guys tell me what they think about them and say if they like them or not.

Since we've been more into sixties sounds lately (more into "pre-Beatles" Rock & Roll, if you know what I mean) I haven't written much, as I've been grown up into Rockabilly, so it's hard for me to compose in a style I've been into for only a few years.

That' the reason why we've created an "alter ego" of "The Megatones" named "The Rockin' Megatones". Under this name we perform the songs from our old days in the original way. "The Election day", "Be Bop Teddy Girl", "Teddy Boys Will Never Die", "Rock that Rhythm" and so on...

RB: I know you were in Finland at least in summer 2008 at Real Gone Weekender. Have you been on other gigs in Finland? Tell me about your most exotic performing experiences?

AG: Last August was our very first time to Finland. Our friend Eddie invited us to perform in his great festival. We had a wonderful time there and arrived back to Madrid full of positive energy and feeling like we had left lots of good friends back in Finland we'd really like to meet again soon. We highly recommend to all the readers to assist to future editions of this festival as it's a terrific party!

On the other hand we've gigged in many countries, none of them very exotic actually. People every place has given us the best they had and, most of all, lots of love and friendship and that's the most important thing to us.
God bless all of them.

RB: Do you have a lot of gigs and do you like to tour?

AG: We've never been a road band but we love to tour. Rock & Roll is not the bussiness it used to be a few years back, so we're usually gigging in a venues "circuit" in Madrid we only leave to gig somewhere else. It's during spring or summer when the promoters get in touch with us more often, but we don't offer the band as a product and don't arrange gigs knocking on doors. We just let it happen.

RB: Please, tell about your recordings.

AG: We released couple EPs back in the nineties (the second one is a split with Wild Bob Burgos on flipside). Our first CD in 2001 and a few compilations.

We've recently finished a master tape and we're dealing it out with some labels trying it to come out as our 2nd album. These last recordings are more into an early sixties style we've been developing lately as I said before.

RB: Do you have also some fan stuff on sale? If you do, do you decide together, what to sell to your devotees?

AG: It's Bob the one who designs (as it's his real job) and thinks of what kind of stuff may people like. It's nice to have your own merchandise anyway.

RB: Your regards to readers of this website?

AG: Thank you Jaana for giving us a chance to be on your site and thanks to all of our friends worldwide and specially for the readers of Rockabilly Bash. God bless you all.

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