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Articles » Aron on stage in Helsinki, 19.2.2009

Aron on stage in Helsinki, 19.2.2009
Date of Publication -24 February 2009
Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Author of the article: joana
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It was Thursday night and a bit hard for me to go to a music bar instead of going home as it was a workday and I’m sleepy in the evenings. But it was the night for introduction of Aron’s upcoming cd, so I didn’t want to miss it. Unfortunately I don’t see Aron on stage too often, so every time I’m astonished when I hear his incredible voice. On that evening Aron sang almost all songs that will be on the cd that will be released later this spring.
Aron started the show with Flaming Star (Wayne – Edwards), this time with Finnish lyrics. Next song, Kirgiisityttö (Finnish production by Kari Kukkola) about a Kirghizian girl, brought another kind of atmosphere. Most of the songs were performed in Finnish lyrics and some of them have been written by Aron himself or Aron with Tiina Rikman. For example Mud’s energetic The Secrets That You Keep had got Finnish lyrics and name Salaisuutes Sun (your secrets). Another Elvis’ song The Edge Of Reality (Giant – Baum - Kaye) had found a new subject matter from Lapland’s wilderness. Well-loved Finnish musician and songwriter Marko Haavisto has written a very swinging song Ryppyjä rakkaudessa i.e. Wrinkles in love. In the set there were mostly songs that Elvis has made world-famous, but also some pop classics and even a couple of tangos, like Seinillä on korvat (i.e. Walls have ears, originally Wall Have Ears by Bennett – Tepper) and my favourite tango Hopeinen kuu (i.e. Silver moon, originally Guarda che luna by Gualtiero Malgoni). Pledging My Love (Washington – Robey) was one of songs in English and especially in Hurt (Crane – Jacobs) Aron made a brilliant singing performance.
Marko plays in the supporting band bass and sings backup vocals. Besides him in the basic band are Kuja Salmi (drums), Jyrki Telilä (guitar) and Pekka “Devil” Nieminen (guitar). Kuja has been working in studio also as a sound engineer. Kuja and Aron are producers together.
It was a powerful music experience again and I’m really looking forward to see Aron on stage again and of course to the new cd as well .

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