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Articles » Rockin' at the Ritz 14.2.2009

Rockin' at the Ritz 14.2.2009
Date of Publication -19 February 2009
Topic - Gig Feedbacks
Author of the article: joana
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Iskelmäbaari , Tampere

On Saturday I was in Tampere at Rockin' at the Ritz , this was already venue number 3. Tampere is a nice town about 180 km north from Helsinki in beautiful area between two huge lakes. It was so good to meet mates from Tampere area and also there were quite many aquaintances from Helsinki and even many of those people, who I've seen earlier only at Valga cruising! Up front I was looking forward to see Jungle Tigers on stage, because I hadn't seen other bands live before (shame on me!).

The evening was started by DJ Mac. The first band on stage was Finnish Somethin' Else, which was founded in 1994 and after a break the band started to perform again a few years ago. I liked this band very much, singer has great a bit gruffy voice and a lot of charisma. They are playing kind of traditional rockabilly, which I like very much. I found out that behind name Somethin' Else is an interesting story. The band had been performing already for sometime, but didn’t have a name. One time guys were going to play again and they noticed on a venue poster that there was mentioned one band and then “some other band”. So there it was – something else! That was the first version.

After a break Mike Bell & The Belltones took over the stage. It’s another great Finnish band. Good musicians, good songs, nice atmosphere. This line-up hasn’t had many gigs yet, although all band members have been playing for a long time in various bands.

Jungle Tigers was the next band on stage. I said hello to all of them already before the gig and it cheered me up that they still remembered me. Jungle Tigers played also Tiger Twist, which was of course a treat for us. Teddy & The Tigers, authors of that song, was and is our own living legend. During Jungle Tigers’ set girls went to stroll on the dance floor, which is always nice to look at. At that time the place was already totally packed and it was sometimes hard to move around. I enjoyed Jungle Tigers' show also very much.
The last but not least band of the evening came from Sweden – Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers. I had listened to them on the web earlier and I had big expectations. I don't know why I was a bit disappointed. The show was good, performance was great, but something strange happened; I didn’t enjoy this band’s music as much as I thought I would. Anyway a good band and people went almost crazy when they were on stage. Quite soon after Willie & Co. finished, we left. A good and interesting evening indeed!

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