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Articles » Aron from Finland!

Aron from Finland!
Date of Publication -11 February 2009
Topic - Interviews
Author of the article: joana
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I met Aron for the first time over ten years ago and saw him on stage. Ever since I've liked his incredible voice and his way of doing things while performing. And he sings a lot of music which Elvis made famous, which is simply great! Certainly he sings also rock'n'roll from the 50's, pop rock, ever greens, whatever you like.

Rockabilly Bash: First of all, please, tell me, who are you and where are you from?

A: My name is ARON (stage name), and I come from Ylöjärvi, Finland.

RB: How long you have been playing together?

A: Well, I perform both as solo and with different bands; depending on the band, we have played together for about 3-7 years.

RB: Who are your inspirers?

A: The number one is Elvis, the others are e.g. Paul Anka, Roy Orbison, The Platters, Ritchie Valens, Tom Jones, Andy Williams, Stray Cats, 60's girl groups like the Ronettes etc.

RB: Do you write music yourself and if so, for whom and how?

A: Well, now for my first coming Finnish album I have written lyrics for some songs.

RB: Do you have a lot of gigs and do you like touring?

A: In my early years I have had quite a much gigs (ca. 60-70/year), but I think it will increase in the future (at least I hope so:)). I like touring, but my longest tours so far have been only 10 days-long, so I don't know how would I feel after e.g 3 months tour??? :)

I have been performing outside of Finland f.e. in Russia, Estonia, Germany, South Korea and USA, but I'm always ready (and hope) to leave again!

RB: Looking forward to see you again in Helsinki soon!

A: Yep, 19th Feb (2009) I will be there, promoting the songs from the new album and coming program!

RB: Please, tell about your recordings.

A: I have published two (2) singles so far "Kyyti"(Finnish) and "Lights" (English), and now I'm preparing my first Finnish album. In addition to them I have made some demo recordings.

RB: You have also some fan stuff on sale. Do you decide together, what to sell for your devotees?

A: Well, at the moment/still I'm more like a solo-artist, so I can decide all this kind of matters.

RB: Your regards to readers of this website?

A: Take care of yourselves and keep on the traditional, real rock'n roll alive!
And welcome to see my gigs in any time!

RB: Thank you for your interview!

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